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Scheduling Policies

int rk_cpu_reserves_set_scheduling_policy(int policy);
Set the reserve scheduling policy; currently supported scheduling policies are:

Returns RK_SUCCESS on success and RK_ERROR on failure.

If Earliest Deadline First is selected, the SOFT enforcement mode is implemented as a simplified version of the Constant Bandwidth Server (described in Luca Abeni and Giorgio Buttazzo, ``Integrating Multimedia Applications in Hard Real-Time Systems'', Proceedings of the IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium, Madrid, Spain, December 1998). Basically, when a reserve finishes the available execution time, the deadline is postponed and tasks' priorities are updated accordingly, but it is not depleted (CBS is work conserving).

int rk_cpu_reserves_get_scheduling_policy(void);
Returns the currently used reserve scheduling policy.

Luca Abeni 2000-11-03