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Obtaining Information on Existing Reserves and Resource Sets

int rk_cpu_reserves_get_num(void)     

int rk_resource_sets_get_num(void)
int rk_cpu_reserves_get_list(rk_reserve_t *rsvs, int count)
int rk_resource_sets_get_list(rk_resource_set_t *rss, int count)
Return some useful information about the number of CPU reserves or resource sets in the system, or a list of all the reserves or resource sets. The *_get_list() functions take as parameters a pointer to an array of rk_reserve_t (or rk_resource_set_t) and an integer count specifying the dimension of that array, and return the number of reserves (or resource sets) on success and RK_ERROR on failure.

Luca Abeni 2000-11-03