CMU Robotics Institute
Friday Afternoon Seminar Schedule
Spring 1997

This page is provided for historical and archival purposes only. While the seminar dates are correct, we offer no guarantee of informational accuracy or link validity. Contact information for the speakers, hosts and seminar committee are certainly out of date.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Feb 14 Bob Collins CMU Robotics Institute   Space-Sweep Stereo for Multi-Image Object Reconstruction
Feb 21  Michael Erdmann   CMU Robotics Institute   Frictional Mechanics of Nonprehensile Manipulation
Feb 28  Reid Simmons CMU Robotics Institute   The NASA New Millennium Program: Faster, Better, Cheaper, Smarter
Mar 7  Jack Mostow CMU Robotics Institute   A Reading Tutor that Listens
Mar 14  Illah Nourbakhsh CMU Robotics Institute   Using Abstraction to Interleave Planning and Execution
Mar 21  Yasuo Kuniyoshi MITI (Japan) Towards a Fusion of Autonomy and Sociability in Robots
Apr 4  Ralph Hollis CMU Robotics Institute   Whither Microbots?
Apr 11  Neal Lesh U Washington Scalable and Adaptive Goal Recognition
Apr 18  John Holland Cybermotion K3A Commerical Mobile Robot
Apr 25  Mobile Robot Design Class CMU Robotics Institute   Icebreaker - A Lunar South Pole Exploring Robot
May 2  Ralph Moser Experiences and Lessons in Building Robots

The seminars are held every Friday in the Adamson Wing of Baker Hall. They go from 3:30 - 5:00, but refreshments are served upstairs at 3:15. Food cannot be brought downstairs (sorry, but that's not our rule), so arrive early if you want to munch and talk to your collegues. Please don't leave in the middle of a seminar; it's very demoralizing for the speaker.

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