Robotics Institute Seminar
Friday Afternoon Seminar Schedule
Fall 1997

This page is provided for historical and archival purposes only. While the seminar dates are correct, we offer no guarantee of informational accuracy or link validity. Contact information for the speakers, hosts and seminar committee are certainly out of date.

Date Speaker Affiliation Title CMU Host
Aug 29   John Reid University of Illinois   The Evolution of Automation in Precision Agriculture Tony Stenz

Sep 5  Fabio Cozman and Carlos Guestrin The Machine Perception Laboratory at CMU Visual Position Estimation for Outdoor Rovers

Sep 12  PhD Students of the Robotics Institute The Robotics Institute at CMU Robochat

Sep 19 Bill Stone National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) NIST Construction Automation Program Jim Osborn

Sep 26 Keiji Nagatani University of Tsukuba and CMU Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Including Door Opening Behavior Howie Choset

Oct 3 David Baraff The Robotics Institute at CMU Physical Realism for Computer Animation and Virtual Environments

Oct 10 Stephen Smith The Robotics Institute at CMU Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling Systems

Oct 17 Tomomasa Sato The Intelligent Cooperative Systems Laboratory at the University of Tokyo Robots for tasks humans are unable to perform-- micromanipulation and 24 hour human care Takeo Kanade

Oct 24 Alonzo Kelly The Robotics Institute at CMU Mobile Robot Subsystems for Structured and Unstructured Environments

Oct 31 Red Whittaker, Dimi Apostolopolous, Eric Rollins and Mark Maimone The Robotics Institute at CMU The 1997 Atacama Desert Trek

Nov 7 Louis Whitcomb Robotics at Johns Hopkins Advances in Dynamical Modeling, Navigation, and Control of Underwater Robotic Vehicles Sanjiv Singh

Nov 14 Raja Chatila LABORATOIRE D'ANALYSE ET D'ARCHITECTURE DES SYSTEMES, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Autonomous Long Range Navigation for Planetary Rovers Tony Stenz

MONDAY 11am Nov 17
Hamburgh 1000
Kazuo Hirai Wako Research Center at Honda R&D Co. Ltd. Development of the Honda Humanoid Robot Takeo Kanade

Nov 21 2:45pm Scaife Hall Jim Ostrowski GRASP Lab at U. Penn Optimal Gait Synthesis for Locomotion Systems Howie Choset

Nov 28 NO SEMINAR (Thanksgiving)

Dec 5 Martin Buehler Center for Intelligent Machines at McGill University Legged Locomotion with little power, few motors. Sanjiv Singh

The seminars are held every Friday in the Adamson Wing of Baker Hall, unless otherwise noted. They go from 4:15 - 6:00pm, but refreshments are served upstairs at 4:00. Food cannot be brought downstairs (sorry, but that's not our rule), so arrive early if you want to munch and talk to your collegues. Please don't leave in the middle of a seminar; it's very demoralizing for the speaker.
      If you'd like to arrange a meeting with the speaker, please contact their host (for speakers outside CMU) or them (for CMU speakers).

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