Dr. Bob's Random Contra Hall of Fame

  • I called this dance at the Edgewood Club in Pittsburgh on 22 January 1999.
    This may have been the first time a computer-generated contra dance was ever called (or maybe not).
    (I did change the "Box the Gnat with Neighbor" to a "Swat the Flea" (the mirror-image, left-handed move) on advice from my beta-testers, who felt this was legitimate, since callers change dances all the time. Also the pass right then becomes a pass left, and it actually becomes a pretty cool wierd little dance.)
  • A Modern Western Square Dance generator was built at MIT in the 70s, and the dances from it apparently were tried out.
  • This random contra dance was called in Surrey, England, on 3 February 1999!

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    Bob Frederking, ref+@cs.cmu.edu