Dr. Bob's Random Contra Dances

Generate a Random Contra Dance. Currently only generates improper dances.
(This is now version 1.1.)

I've moved the fancier stuff to another page, including the old generator and the ability to recreate a dance from its number.

I've started a Random Contra Hall of Fame for interesting randomly generated dances. Feel free to send me the dance and version number of interesting ones you find.

Here are several explanations of what contra dances are.
Here are some good (human-written) contra dances.
There are a number of contra dance resource webpages on the web.

In a somewhat similar vein, Cary Ravitz has built a contra dance animator.

Here's a mathematician's view of contra dancing.
(If you're not (yet) a contra dancer, don't be scared by this; no one thinks about the stuff described here while dancing.)
More from this guy about contras and math here.

These days, there are contra dances all over the US, including Pittsburgh.

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