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Manufacturing Process




Lessons Learned

The "Not Your Average Skateboard" is exactly what its name implies. It is not boring and ordinary. It is spectacular and fabulous: SPECTABULOUS! Are you tired of dull rectangular skateboards? The NYAS’s innovative triangular design will leave you speechless due to its portability and uniqueness. For all those math geeks out there, the area of a triangle is HALF of the area of a rectangle, which equates to TWO TIMES more portability. Also, cylindrical wheels are so 2009. Spherical wheels are setting a new trend in 2010. The NYAS’s spherical wheels will allow you to travel in fashion. Are you embarrassed about the excessiveness of having FOUR wheels on your skateboard and want to look less gaudy? The NYAS eliminates an entire wheel, which amounts to ONLY THREE wheels. It’s efficient and simple. Have you always wondered what it would be like to have 360 degrees of freedom when riding a skateboard? With the NYAS, you can skate in any direction and make any turn. Do not limit yourself to only two directions. It is time to stop being average. It is time to be SPECTABULOUS!

"I approve"

Ages 6 and up.
NYAS is not liable to any injuries caused by falls or otherwise improper use.
Do not use NYAS while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substances which may affect awareness.
Note: Obama is not officially affiliated with NYAS.