Bean Can Rocket

How Children will Interact with the Bean Can Rocket

The Bean Can Rocket is the ideal toy for older children with interests in rocketry and/or pyrotechnics. Children simply fill the bucket with approximately one inch of water, set the hollow end of the can in water, insert a small explosive charge into the slot on the closed end of the can, light the fuse, move at least ten feet from the bucket, and watch the can soar up to thirty feet into the air before falling back to Earth.

Principles the Bean Can Rocket is Based on

The Bean Can Rocket is based on the principles of pressure and projectile motion. The involvement of the child in setting up the rocket allows him/her to better grasp the principles involved. The charge rapidly expands the air within the can which is sealed by the water on the bottom side, causing the can to be launched into the air like a real rocket.

Cost, Durability, and Safety

The cost of the Bean Can Rocket is $15 based on materials (aluminum for the can and ABS plastic for the bucket) and manufacturing. The Bean Can Rocket comes with 25 charges, and additional charges can be bought in packs of 50 for $3. Durability is guaranteed for up to one year and is based largely on the amount of use. This toy may only be used by children over 10 years of age with adult approval and supervision.

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James Mesmer
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010