Drag Racer

How Children will Interact with the Drag Racer

The Drag Racer toy provides a fun way for children to learn the concepts of pressure and air flow by racing two toy drag racing cars down a slotted track. Two cars may race at a time, and the first to reach the finish line wins. Children can compete in pairs and take turns filling the cars with air using the manual pump and pushing the button to release them down the track.

Principles of the Drag Racer

The Drag Racer is based on the principles of fluid mechanics including the ideas of pressure and flow velocity. The air pump is used to pressurize chambers within the cars and a quick release mechanism connected to a button releases the pressurized air in the chambers through nozzles in both cars simultaneously.

Cost, Durability, and Safety

The Drag Racer is $50 based on materials (mostly plastic with some metal for the working components) and manufacturing. Due to the numerous moving parts the durability of the Drag Racer is only guaranteed for up to one year. Some small parts may be detached from the cars making this toy safe only for children over 5 years of age.

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James Mesmer
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010