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Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2008

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Manufactured Toys

Section A
Section B

Section A

Plastic Plugin
Vitaly, Heeyong, Michael L.

The Rolling Ball
Bryan, Bert, Mike W.

The Magnetic Maze
Kay, Ryan, Paul

Pirate Ship
Tina, Naomi, Marcus, Scott

Puzzle Blocks
Alex T., Mike R., John

Section B

Tower of Hanoi Giraffe-Pig
Samson, Alex H, Ioannis

Spinning Helix Ring
Mee-Hyun, Andy, Mike F

Shape Matching Puzzle
David, In-Soo, Rachel

Rubber Band Launched UFO
Anna, Ian, Jon

Pulley Crane Bath Toy
Lucy, Eddie, Mike B

My Garden Grower
YoungJoo, Kristie, Alex K

Knuckle Ball
James, Alex A

A gun is not a toy
Chris, Nick, Eric C


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