PROS of CNC Milling :

  • PRECISE: CNC Mills can be as precise as it is designed to be; a human controlled mill is only as precise as it's operator (the CNC mill we used to make our part had a tolerance of .001" to .003").
  • REPEATABLE: CNC Mills can make thousands of perfect copies of an object. Objects milled by humans will each be uniquely imperfect.
  • SPEED: CNC Mills can produce objects more quickly than human controlled mills.
  • CAD INTEGRATION: Can use CAD programs to design a part and then seamlessly program the mill to create the part. This leads to fast and easy prototyping.


CONS of CNC Milling:

  • EXPENSIVE: Although CNC Mills don't cost very much to run, they are very expensive to purchase.
  • MANTAINENCE: CNC Mills must be rigorously mantained.


Kevin Lipkin, Tim Sandy, Gaurav Joshi