INWO Deck: The PC Brigade

This deck was built with a few purposes:

It's reasonably successful at those goals. It also works well in a two-player game.

Note that this deck is a few cards short of 45--I raided it for cards a few times before dismantling it.

The Deck





The key group of this deck is France, which can defend any of the other groups for free. You want to boost France's power as much as possible. With Emergency Powers or Self-Esteem, the Big Prawn, a Power Satellite, and Political Correctness, France has a power of 17 that can defend any of your liberal groups for free.

Even though France is the key group, you might not want to use it as your lead puppet. I usually use the Democrats as my lead.

NWO: Political Correctness is by far the favorite NWO of this deck. It adds +3 to the power of each of your Liberal groups, which is mighty handy. Political Correctness makes it easy to win with Power For Its Own Sake.

Ways to win: Power For Its Own Sake is fairly straightforward. For Power to the People, either destroy other players' Conservative groups, or ATO the Fred Birch Society and destroy them. To win with Hail Eris, use the Big Prawn to turn France Weird, after which it will count double with California and the Swingers.

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Last modified: July 9, 1996

Ralph Melton