INWO Deck: Hail Elvis!

The point of this deck is to make Elvis into the most ridiculously pumped-up character around. (Well, not quite. If everything worked out, this would get Elvis to Power 23. I can think of ways to get his power higher, but 23 is such a nice number, I decided not to.) Compare it to Kevin S. Tyrrell's The Cult of Personality.

Other than that, it's mostly a straightforward Fanatic Society of Assassins deck.

The Deck





I typically lead with Elvis, since there a lot of things that need to be associated with Elvis:

If you get all of these out (highly unlikely) Elvis will be pumped up into a power 23/23, Resistance 42 juggernaut who can only be destroyed by a most unlikely assassination. (Or by the Voudonistas.)

You should try to keep NWO: End of the World, because it boosts all your Fanatic groups quite a bit.

Full Moon is really cool, because it reloads all your Fanatic groups. It can be easily used to add as much as 40 points of Global Power.

The Celebrity Spokesman should be used for your Media Sensation, who should be named after your favorite Elvis impersonator. (Mine is Elvis Herselvis, a female Elvis impersonator.)

The Goal: Hail Eris! is a stupid joke that I never managed to pull off. The idea was to declare a victory with Hail Elvis!, because your three Elvis groups (Elvis, Church of Elvis, and the Elvis impersonator) counted double. You would still have enough weird groups that they would count double when the error was pointed out.

I put in Goal: Power For Its Own Sake because I usually put one in when I have a deck that gets to more than 70 points of power. It's notionally possible to get Elvis up to 23 points of power and the Church of Elvis up to 11 points of power; that in itself is an argument for a PFIOS.

The Assertiveness Training is there in case Shangri-La is in the game, because a power-11 Peaceful group is a real pearl to Shangri-La.

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Last modified: July 8, 1996

Ralph Melton