INWO Card Combinations and Dirty Tricks

This file is an ever-growing set of cross-references among INWO cards, an attempt to chart the connections in Ralph's head.

The links on the card titles are links to the card as generated by Wendell Hicken's INWO Card List Generator.

These are the entries that have been updated in the last two weeks:

General Tips


Adepts of Hermes
See also Flying Saucer
Bavarian Illuminati
Bermuda Triangle 2/7/97
Aaron Curtis's comments on the Bermuda Triangle describe an important part of Bermuda Triangle strategy.
Discordian Society
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
See also Supreme Court Nomination.
Gnomes of Zurich
When NWO: Chicken in Every Pot is in play, all banks count double for the Gnomes of Zurich.
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Network, The
See also Eliza.
Servants of Cthulhu
Shangri-La 2/7/97
The INWO book suggests Noble Peace Prize and Martyrs as degenerate Shangri-La cards. I beg to differ; Nobel Peace Prize is not so very useful, since you can only use one. The true degenerate Shangri-La card is Kinder and Gentler. With Kinder and Gentler, you can reach into opponents' Power Structures and turn their best groups Peaceful.
Shangri-La can get 14 points of Peaceful Power in one fell swoop by using the Big Prawn to turn New York Peaceful and double its power at the same time.
See also Unmasked
Society of Assassins


A.M.A. 8/29/97 The A.M.A. works well in a Blinded by Science deck, because its ability to attack and defend any Science group can cut acrossthe problems of having no common alignments that Science decks can run into. However, it can be difficult to decide whether to use their ability to make an attack or to save it for defense. I tend to like to save it for defense, because having it in your power structure as a potential defender tends to cause people not to try to attack you. Japan has a 12 or less to control the A.M.A.
Al Amarja
Al Gore
American Autoduel Association
Anti-Nuclear Activists
Antiwar Activists
Arms Dealers 2/18/97
The Arms Dealers work well in combination with the Cattle Mutilators to let you expose other players' plots. When you're going to hassle one player with the Arms Dealers, try to get other players to give you worthless plots to exchange.
Bank of England
See also NASA.
Big Media
Bill Clinton 43/97
This is a little obvious, but should be noted anyway: Bill Clinton is awesome at taking over Government groups. There are almost 30 groups that Bill can take over on a 10 or less.
However, Bill is a little weak on defense, particularly against an an attack to Control, because his Resistance is pretty low. A deck that relies on Bill Clinton may like to have a Commitment to play on him.
See also NASA.
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Black Activists
Boy Sprouts
See also Gay Activists.
Cable TV
Cattle Mutilators
See also Arms Dealers.
See also Fast Food Chains.
Center for Disease Control
Church of Elvis
Church of Violentology
Clone Arrangers
Comic Books
Congressional Wives
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Conspiracy Theorists 2/9/97
What are the uses of a Power 0 action token? Here are just a few:
Convenience Stores
Copy Shops
Count Dracula
See also Counterspell.
Cycle Gangs
Dan Quayle
Day Care Centers
Dinosaur Park 8/28/97
Dirty Trick #23: Scott McNair pointed out that if the Nutrition Nazis control Dinosaur Park, then all your Science Groups can defend each other: Dinosaur Park allows the Nutrition Nazis to oppose any attack on a Science Groups, and the Nazi's participation allows any Science Group to join the defense.
See also Lyndon LaRouche.
Drug Companies
EPA 3/29/97
If you control both the EPA and the Nuclear Power Companies, it's useful to remember that you can discard the action token from the EPA at any time, as a free move. (If you're willing to give up another token, you might buy a Plot instead of just discarding the token.)
See also NASA.
Elders of Zion
Empty Vee
England 3/10/97
Emergency Powers can be particularly effective when played on England, because England then has two power-6 tokens.
Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow
Fast Food Chains 6/3/97
Sean McGuire has a nice Fast Food Chains trick, based on the fact that the Plots you hide need not be your own:
  1. Expose someone's Plots with the Cattle Mutilators (So that's where the Fast Food Chains get their meat!)
  2. Hide two of their Plots with the Fast Food Chains.
  3. Use Go Fish to seize the Plot you just hid. (The highly suspicious fish sandwich)
Federal Reserve
Fidel Castro
Fiendish Fluoridators
Flat Earthers
Fnord Motor Company
Fraternal Orders
Fred Birch Society
Gay Activists 6/2/97
Terry Chilvers writes: "CFL-AIO/Gay Activists works well by extending the CFL's ability to destroy to include the more numerous Government targets."
General Disorder 2/21/97
General Disorder can be used as Disaster protection, by using him to aid Disasters against your Places, creating a Disaster that is more likely to devastate, but cannot destroy.
For more information about this, see Dirty Trick #6, With Friends Like These...
George Bush
Girlie Magazines
Goldfish Fanciers
Gordo Remora
Great Pyramid, The
See also Go Fish.
Green Party, The
Gun Lobby
Hillary Clinton
Illuminati University
Imelda Marcos
International Cocaine Smugglers
International Communist Conspiracy
International Weather Organization
Jimmy Hoffa
Junk Mail
L-4 Society
Lama Ramadingdong 2/14/97
Lama Ramadingdong is a precious group for a Green deck. He should not be brought out until you have a significant number of Green Groups in play, however, because any smart opponent will blast him if he's brought out when he's weak.
Las Vegas
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Liquor Companies
Loan Sharks
Local Police Departments
Lyndon LaRouche 3/29/97
A way to get Lyndon's alignments to count for Goals is to use the Dittoheads.
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Madison Avenue
See also Media Connections.
Mafia, The
Manuel Noriega
Margaret Thatcher
Media Sensation
Men In Black, The
Moral Minority
See also Shroud of Turin.
Multinational Oil Corporations 3/17/97
Glen Barnett points out:
In a three player game, its special ability can be more useful than a privileged attack, not least because all those cards and abilities that intefere with privileged attacks don't work. The fact that you don't have to announce it at the start of the attack is an added bonus.
N.S.A. 5/19/97
The N.S.A. can be particularly useful in conjunction with the Mossad or Shroud of Turin. Use the N.S.A. to look at one end of your Plot deck, and then use the glimpses at the other end provided by the other card to make your choice.
See also Go Fish.
NASA 3/17/97
Glen Barnett points out:
Being able to give its token to a Government group you control makes this a very handy card - if you have several useful Government cards (e.g. Supreme Court, EPA, Post Office, Bank of England, a Big Prawned New York (and Bill Clinton--RLM)) it allows you a great deal of flexibility. NWO: Military-Industrial Complex extends this to Corporate groups (e.g. Phone Company, Liquor Companies, and Fnord Motor Company (and the Nuclear Power Companies--RLM)).
Nancy Reagan
Nephews of God
New York 1/6/98
Let me take a moment to state some obvious things about why New York is such a popular card:
See also Shangri-La.
See also NASA.
Newt Gingrich
Ninjas 2/14/97
Rudi Gross's Lambs to the Slaughter is an excellent example of how to use the Ninjas' special ability to gain an action token when attacked to devastating effect.
Nuclear Power Companies
Nutrition Nazis See also Dinosaur Park.
Dirty Trick #24: Mike Chiulli ( has pointed out that you can use Murphy's Law to give OPEC an extremely high power. And since this high power is Printed Power, you could use a power- doubler like the Necronomicon or Cyborg Soldiers to dobule that power.
Offshore Banks
Ollie North
Orbit One
Pale People in Black
Phone Company
Phone Phreaks
The Pollsters can have an ability to meddle with attacks that far exceeds their mere global power, because few attacks are made without some benefit from alignment bonuses. Since attackers tend to choose combinations that give them alignment bonuses, the Pollsters can often make a difference of 6 or more when interfering to aid the defense.
The Pollsters can be especially effective in conjunction with the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, or they can be used to nullify the efforts of another player who uses the OMCLs to enhance his attacks.
The Pollsters' influence is magnified by NWO: Fear and Loathing.
Post Office
See also NASA.
Prince Charles
Princess Di
Professional Sports
Punk Rockers
Pyramid Marketing Schemes
Recording Industry
Recycling Centers 4/3/97
Aaron Curtis' Deck of the Week #27, Invasion of the Gadget Snatchers, details many Illuminated uses of the Recycling Centers.
See also Trading Card Games.
See also The Thule Group.
Red Cross
Reformed Church of Satan
Religious Reich
Robot Sea Monsters
See Don Fnordlioni's comments at Loch Ness Monster.
Ronald Reagan
Rosicrucians 2/18/97
The Book of Kells is extremely handy with the Rosicrucians. Picking two plots per turn is useful enough to be the theme of a whole deck.
Saddam Hussein
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Savings and Loans
Science Alarmists
Science Fiction Fans
Secret Service
Secular Humanists
Semiconscious Liberation Army
Shock Jocks
Silicon Valley
Society for Creative Anarchism
South American Nazis
State Lotteries 11/20/97
My perception is that it's more likely that the State Lotteries would be useful for drawing Plots than for drawing Groups, because it's easier to have more Plots in your hand than you can keep than it is for Groups.
An obvious way to keep a prized Plot in your hand when you use the State Lotteries is to have another player hold the plot for you while you use the Lotteries in exchange for a minor favor.
I had written: "Using Crop Circles with the State Lotteries can let you pick your entire hand from your deck. This can be an effective way to set up combinations that involve several cards. However, when you're picking several cards, the 30-second limit becomes terribly limiting. You should plan out what cards you're going to get before your 30 seconds begins." However: Mr Clever <> has pointed out that that combination is not viable, because once you've returned your Plots to your deck, you no longer have the Crop Circles to play. Oops, my mistake.
One way to rescue this: you could achieve a somewhat more limited version of the same effect by using the Crystal Skull in conjunction with the State Lotteries. (This would have the benefit of removing the time pressure, too.)
Supreme Court
See also NASA.
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
TV Preachers
Teddy Kennedy
Telephone Psychics
Thule Group, The 4/3/97
Because the Thule Group is not aiding per se when it uses its power to increase an attack, its power can be used to boost attacks during NWO: Apathy.
The Recycling Centers can be used to recover one of the Group cards you use with the Thule Group.
Tobacco Companies
When NWO: Military-Industrial Complex is in play, the Tobacco Companies have a net +12 to take over any Government or Corporate Group.
Trading Card Games 9/16/97
The Trading Card Games' ability to be replaced with another card is by far their best use. This ability can be abused to good effect by using the Recycling Centers. Simply take over the Trading Card Games, replace the TCG's with another group, and use the Recycling Centers to salvage the Trading Card Games to repeat the exercise.
(Note: The Cards FAQ says that this trick is illegal. However, Marc Gabriele asked Lynette about the idea a couple of months ago, and received confirmation that it's legal. (He showed me the print-out of her message when he played the deck. It was typical Lynette style, which is admittedly easy to fake--it said, "Yes." But I don't think Marc would forge a message.))
Even without this trick, canny rivals will be leery of the possibilities for which the Trading Card Games might be used, and will try to destroy the relatively vulnerable Trading Card Games as soon as possible. Because of this, you will usually want to replace the TCGs with another group as soon as you take them over.
Dirty Trick #25 (due to Christian Wedge): The Recycling Centers can be hard to bring into play without ATOs. If you can take over the Trading Card Games and keep them until they get an action token, you can replace them with the Recycling Centers, and then use the Recycling Centers' action token to recover the Trading Card Games.
Triliberal Commission
Underground Newspapers
United Nations
Urban Gangs
Vatican City
Video Games
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Wall Street


Angel's Feather
Ark of the Covenant
Big Prawn, The
See also Shangri-La.
Black Helicopters
Book of Kells
See also Rosicrucians.
Bronze Head, The
Center for Weird Studies 3/10/97
The Center for Weird Studies is the only way to reload a Resource. This can be very effective if you need to use the Orbital Mind Control Lasers twice during a turn.
See also Reach Out...
Clipper Chip 2/20/97
The Clipper Chip is very useful, particularly since the only ways it can be destroyed are by using Suicide Squad or by eliminating all the players's Government Groups. I usually include a Clipper Chip whenever I have at least three Government groups in the core set of groups for a deck.
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Crystal Skull
Cyborg Soldiers
See also OPEC.
Death Mask
Earthquake Projector
Eliza 4/21/97
Eliza is so extremely useful for a Network deck, because it can provide an extra Network token, that it is practically de rigueur for any Network deck.
Flying Saucer
The Flying Saucer can be used as an excellent way for weenie resource-gobbling decks to gobble resources, particularly for the Adepts of Hermes.
Frog God, The
Hammer of Thor
Hidden City
Hitler's Brain 5/2/97
This is a pipe dream, mostly. But if you could link Hitler's Brain to a Personality, and then use Sudden European Vacation to give that Personality to Shangri-La, that would be a more effective way of preventing Shangri-La from taking over Peaceful groups than a Brushfire War Zap.
Holy Grail, The
Immortality Serum
Killer Satellite
Lenin's Body
Library at Alexandria, The
Loch Ness Monster 3/3/97
Don Fnordlioni writes:
Nessie's World Tour: The Loch Ness Monster's cancelling ability and destructive bonuses are only good against Coastal places. With NWO: Global Warming in play, these abilities are extended to all Places on Earth! And don't forget her backup band, the Robot Sea Monsters... truly a joy for Cthulhu, or anyone else packing Coastal-only Disasters.
Midas Mill
See also OPEC.
Orbital Mind Control Lasers 3/29/97
The Orbital Mind Control Lasers are certainly among the Top Three Coolest Resources, for their power and versatility. Here are some of their many uses:
This power and versatility makes the OMCLs extremely popular. If you're going to build a deck that relies on having the OMCLs, you should probably include a Forgery in case you don't get yours out first, and you should give some thought to protecting the OMCLs against resource-destroying cards.
See also Center for Weird Studies.
See also Scandal.
See also Supernova.
Orgone Grinder
Perpetual Motion Machine
Power Satellite
Principia Discordia 3/10/97
The Principia Discordia can provide an awesome boost to Resistance for a Weird power structure. This makes it obviously attractive to Discordia. However, it will provide no defense against attacks to destroy, so it is only useful if you expect many more attacks to control than to destroy.
Rogue Boomer
Screaming Meme
Shroud of Turin 4/4/97
The Shroud of Turin and Mossad are not as useful for plot control as might be expected, since they don't give you enough information to make a good choice. However, the following technique can be applied with either card: draw all your Plots from the bottom of your deck, and discard worthless Plots to the top of your deck. This gives you resistance to cards that attack the top of your Plot deck like the I.R.S., Internet Worm, and a Seccrets Man Was Not Meant to Know that you play yourself, because the cards that get stolen or discarded are relatively worthless.
See also N.S.A.
Spear of Longinus 3/29/97
When NWO: Australian Rules is in play, you can aid any attack to destroy (including Disasters) for free, and draw a Plot for doing so. Aiding attacks on your own groups won't net you any Plots; the only reason to aid someone else to attack your own groups would be to involve Magic to increase the potential for W.I.T.C.H.
Spy Satellite
Suicide Squad
See the discussion of resource-destroyers at Deasil Engine.
Warehouse 23
Weather Satellite 2/14/97
Weather Satellites aren't unique; you can have more than one. Rain of Frogs becomes a very impressive general-purpose Disaster when you have two Weather Satellites to pump it up to power 30.
The project's name was noted in the annual budget review, but dismissed as just a typographical error. However, when the frogs started landing on Sheffield, a horrified populace discovered that 'High-Altitude Amphibian Assault Vehicles' was exactly what was meant.
See also Supernova, which lets you bring out Weather Satellites with action tokens.
X-Ray Specs


18 1/2 Minute Gap
A Brief Attack of Conscience
Agent In Place
Air Magic
Albino Alligators
Alien Abduction
Alternate Goals
An Offer You Can't Refuse
Anarchists Unite!
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
And STAY Dead!
And STAY Dead! allows you to permanently kill a group that has been discarded, but not Destroyed. This can be handy in conjunction with Upheaval!
Annual Convention
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Assertiveness Training
Atomic Monster
Auditor From Hell, The
Back to the Drawing Board
Back to the Salt Mines 2/14/97
Back to the Salt Mines can also be used with non-Instant Disasters, like Giant Kudzu, Epidemic, and Drought. Back to the Salt Mines, combined with Flesh-Eating Bacteria, forms a power-30 Disaster that can be reused if it destroys its target.
Bait and Switch
Bank Merger
Bar Codes
Beach Party
Benefit Concert
Big Score, The
Big Sellout, The 2/21/97
Big Sellout is one of very few ways to give an extra action token to your Illuminati.
Bimbo at Eleven
Bite the Wax Tadpole
Blitzkrieg 10/28/97
Blitzkrieg can be useful in the early game, by giving you an extra action token on a newly-taken group that can be used to move that group closer to your Illuminati.
Blitzkrieg can also be extremely useful in a Spawning Behemoth deck. For example, if you are playing a classic Network deck in which every group gives a further bonus to take over Computer Groups, Blitzkrieg is a great way to swarm to victory, because it lets newly acquired groups use their mighty bonuses to take other groups.
By contrast, Blitzkrieg is not nearly so useful in a Big Slurp deck, because the extra token that it gives you is usually not on the group with which you make all of your takeovers.
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat
Botched Contact
Bribery 2/21/97
Bribery is actually slightly less useful than Murphy's Law, for the following reasons:
Brushfire War
See also Hitler's Brain.
Car Bomb
Cat Juggling
Celebrity Spokesman
See also Media Connections.
Chain Letter
Charismatic Leader
Citizenship Award
Cold Fusion
Combined Disasters
Computer Security
Computer Virus
Contract on America
Counterspell 5/4/97
See the discussion of resource-destroyers at Deasil Engine.
In that discussion, I said that Counterspell wasn't very useful, but I've now thought of one situation in which it could be somewhat useful: in the defense of Count Dracula. It occasionally happens that someone uses the Necronomicon or the Spear of Longinus (or very rarely, the Hammer of Thor) to try to kill Count Dracula without a Magic Group being involved; Counterspell could be used in that situation (powered by Count Dracula, even) to destroy the Resource and protect the Count simultaneously.
Cover of Darkness
Crackdown on Crime
Crop Circles
See also State Lotteries.
Currency Speculation
Deasil Engine
To compare and contrast Resource-Destroyers: Deasil Engine, Counterspell, Hex, The Weak Link, and Suicide Squad:
Deasil Engine is the easiest Resource-destroyer to power.
The Weak Link is more versatile, because it can also destroy Artifacts (and many Magic resources, in particular, are Artifacts but not Gadgets).
Counterspell is not a generally useful card; there are only a few Magic resources that can be used to aid attacks, and Counterspell requires that these magic resources be brought into play, that they be used against you in an attack, and that you have a Counterspell and an appropriate action available.
Hex is somewhat cheaper than The Weak Link, but it is less versatile, both in how what it can be used to destroy, and in how it can be powered. Since some of the most destruction-worthy Resources are not Magic (The Perpetual Motion Machine and the Orbital Mind Control Lasers come particularly to mind), I would usually put The Weak Link into a deck instead of Hex.
Suicide Squad is the most versatile of all Resource-destroyers, since it's the only way to destroy Resources like the Clipper Chip that are neither Artifacts nor Gadgets and it has other advantages: once it's been brought out, nothing but a bad die roll (or another Suicide Squad) will can prevent it from destroying successfully, unlike the resource-destroying Plot cards that can be canceled by Hoax! or Secrets man Was Not Meant to Know. Its major deficit for me is that I typically don't like putting marginally useful resources into my Group deck, because it's harder to get through your Group deck quickly, and bringing out a Resource requires leaving yourself without an Illuminati action for a whole round (or passing up an automatic takeover.)
In general, I would probably recommend putting a Weak Link into a deck when the deck is expected to have plenty of Science, Magic, or Computer power (or plenty of Illuminati actions) and Deasil Engine when you will have trouble powering a Weak Link.
Death To All Fanatics
Deep Agent
Dollars for Decency
Don't Rock the Boat
Don't Touch That Dial
See also Back to the Salt Mines.
Early Warning
Earth Magic
Eat The Rich!
Emergency Powers
See also England.
Enough is Enough
See also Back to the Salt Mines.
Every Year Is Worse
Faction Fight
Family Values
Fickle Finger of Fate
First Thing... Kill All The Lawyers
Five-Year Plan
Flesh-Eating Bacteria 2/21/97
Flesh-Eating Bacteria is most useful because of its nature as a reusable Disaster. It can be combined with Back to the Salt Mines for a more effective reusable Disaster.
Playing a Hubble Trouble before launching Flesh-Eating Bacteria attacks will prevent any groups from spending their action tokens agains the Flesh-Eating Bacteria.
Floating Point Error
Flower Power
See also Go Fish.
Frankenfood 3/29/97
Frankenfood is most often used for two purposes:
It could also be used for Discordia or Shangri-La, but Jake Day or Kinder and Gentler are harder to eliminate. However, if you have a strong Science theme, Frankenfood can be worthwhile.
If you use Frankenfood to win, a Hubble Trouble during your bid for victory can prevent meddling Science groups from removing your Frankenfood.
Freaking The Mundanes
Full Moon 2/18/97
Full Moon is the most effective of the Reloads, because it allows you to reload all of your Fanatic Groups. Since it can also reload other players' Fanatic groups, a player with a Fanatic deck who has no Illuminati action can sometimes convince another player with an Illuminati action to load up all of the Fanatic's player's groups (with a Full Moon provided by the Fanatic player, of course).
Fundie Money
Gang War
George the Janitor
Giant Kudzu
See also Back to the Salt Mines.
See also Ketchup Is A Vegetable.
Go Fish 6/3/97
See also Mutual Betrayal.
The existence of Go Fish can have a chilling effect on dealmaking, since people fear that revealing their cards may make them prone to Go Fish. I've had some luck by making the following promise: "I won't Go Fish any card that you show me; cards that I find out about through other methods are fair game." This has the salutary effect that if your opponent fears Go Fish and trusts you to keep your word, his best strategy is to show you his cards--which can be more useful than a Go Fish would be.
Note that because Go Fish exists but works only on hidden cards, and Nice Idea. It's Mine Now. and Foiled! are the only plots that can affect exposed Plot cards (and they only affect Goals), some players use a strategy of Exposing any Plot they hold that has become widely known. My hope is that future expansions will correct this anomaly.
The N.S.A. is a good way to get information to let you use Go Fish effectively, as is The Great Pyramid.
See also Fast Food Chains.
Go, Lemmings, Go!
Good Polls 5/2/97
Good Polls is a great defensive card for a deck that shares one or two alignments and has decent Power and Resistance on most of its groups. (To explain 'decent Power and Resistance': Good Polls won't protect the Comic Books well, for instance.)
Good Polls can be used defensively without being used on the target of an attack. For example, if New York controls the Pollsters and the Pollsters are attacked, I can play Good Polls on my Government groups to let New York defend the Pollsters with tripled power.
Grassroots Support
Grave Robbers
Harmonica Virgins
Hat Trick
Head In A Jar
See the discussion of resource-destroyers at Deasil Engine.
Hidden Influence
Hit and Run
Hoax! 2/20/97
Almost every deck should include at least one or two of Hoax! or Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know. But which one should you use? Here are some factors that should influence your decision:
Hubble Trouble
See also Flesh-Eating Bacteria.
See alsoFrankenfood.
I Lied
Internet Worm, The
Irish Flu, The
Jake Day
Junk Bonds
Just Say No
Ketchup Is A Vegetable 4/12/97
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Note that Ketchup Is A Vegetable can also be used with non-Instant Disasters, such as Giant Kudzu.
Kinder and Gentler
See also Shangri-La.
Lab Explosion
Let the Sunshine In
Let's Get Organized
Let's Get REALLY Organized
Let's You and Him Fight
Liberal Agenda
Logic Bomb
March On Washington
Market Manipulation
Martial Law
See also Shangri-La.
Mass Murder
May Day
Media Blitz
Media Connections 2/7/97
This card doesn't have to be played with your own groups. You can play it on someone else's Power Structure and then use Censorship or Madison Avenue to take it away.
Meek Shall Inherit, The
Meteor Strike
Metric System
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Miracle Diet Plan
Mistaken Identity
Mob Influence
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Mothers' March
Murphy's Law
See the comments on Bribery for a comparison and contrast of Murphy's Law and Bribery.
See also OPEC.
Mutual Betrayal 2/21/97
As Dan Myers pointed out in his Deck of the Week "God Knows, We Can Find Out", Mutual Betrayal doesn't need to be all that mutual. If you don't expose any of his cards, then you've seen his cards and no one else has seen yours--and you can leak that information to others, or play a Go Fish on him on the next turn.
My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma
Near Miss
Never Surrender
New Blood
New Federal Budget
Nice Idea. It's Mine Now.
See also Go Fish.
No Beer!
Nobel Peace Prize
See also Shangri-La.
Nuclear Accident
Oil Spill 2/21/97
Two things to note:
  1. When NWO: Global Warming is in play, every Green Group has Power >= 3, and so will gain an action token, even if the Oil Spill only devastates.
  2. An Oil Spill can be a good way to regain action tokens for Green groups as soon as a NWO: World Hunger leaves play.
Opportunity Knocks
Oregon Crud, The
Pave the Earth!
Pizza for the Secret Meeting 3/17/97
Pizza for the Secret Meeting is a very versatile card. Here are some of its many uses:
Plague of Demons
Pledge Drive
Power Corrupts
Power Grab
Privileged Attack
Pulitzer Prize
Rain of Frogs
See also Weather Satellite.
Reach Out... 2/21/97
As far as I can tell, it is a legal trick to play Reach Out... at the end of your turn, to denude someone else of action tokens, then use the Center for Weird Studies to give an Action Token to your Illuminati, and then Seize the Time! to convert that Illuminati action into action tokens for all your other groups (and an Automatic Takeover.)
Read My Lips
See also Teflon Coating.
Red Scare
Regi$tered Trademark
Resistance Is Useless!
Reverse Whammy
Rewriting History
Save the Whales
Savings & Loan Scam
Scandal 2/21/97
Playing against a monochrome deck, but one without the alignment of your Media Groups? By combining Strange Bedfellows with Scandal, you can surprised someone by ripping away their action tokens from an unexpected alignment. Besides, the card art for the two cards fits well together... (The Orbital Mind Control Lasers can also be used, but the card art doesn't fit as well.)
School Prayer
Second Bullet, The
Secret Master
Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know
See Hoax! for a discussion of some of the issues to consider in deciding between Hoax! and Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know.
Security Leak
Seize The Time!
Senate Investigating Committee
Slush Fund
Sorry, Wrong Number
Spasm of Violence
Spontaneous Combustion
Stars Are Right, The
Stealing The Plans
Stock Split
Straighten Up
Strange Bedfellows
See also Scandal.
Sucked Dry And Cast Aside!
Sudden European Vacation
See also Hitler's Brain.
Sufficiently Advanced Technology
Supernova 4/21/97
A particular usefulness of Supernova is that the gadgets brought out with Supernova come with a full set of action tokens. Otherwise, it is usually the case that either you must use your automatic takeover to bring out a Resource, or you must wait for a full round before you can reap the benefits of your Resource, by which time a hotly contended Resource may already have been destroyed or Forged.
This technique of using Supernova to bring out a Resource with a full set of Action Tokens is particularly useful with the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, which are the mostly hotly fought-over Resource with action tokens.
See also Weather Satellite.
Supreme Court Nomination 4/21/97
The particular usefulness of Supreme Court Nomination is that it allows every group with an action token to team up to attack a Personality, and it does not have to be played on the attacker's turn. This can be particularly useful to thwart a player who has declared victory.
Rob the Radii has pointed out that Supreme Court Nomination is doubly useful for Discordia: either the target is destroyed, or he becomes Government, making you immune to his effects.
Sweeping Reforms
Sweepstakes Prize
Swiss Bank Account
Take the Money and Run
Talisman of Ahrimanes
Tax Breaks
Teflon Coating
Teflon Coating is a nice idea, but in almost every case, Read My Lips is more useful than Teflon Coating.
Terrorist Nuke
This Was Only A Test
Tidal Wave
Time Warp
Truck Bomb 4/18/97
A Truck Bomb is an exellent way to destroy the Nuclear Power Companies when they have an action token.
Unlucky 13
Unmasked! 4/21/97
By its very nature, Unmasked! is a two-plot card combination. Therefore, if you're planning to use Unmasked!, you should consider the problem of Plot control.
Christian Wedge has had good results by putting an Unmasked! and a Shangri-La card into his Shangri-La deck, in order to tempt others into shared victories.
See also And STAY dead!
Vile Secretions
Volunteer Aid
Voodoo Economics
Waiting Period
Weak Link, The
See the discussion of resource-destroyers at Deasil Engine.
Weird Turn Pro, The
Whispering Campaign
Whistle Blowers
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Witch Hunt
Withering Curse
World Cup Victory
You Are What You Eat


Blinded by Science
Corporate Masters, The
See also NWO: Military-Industrial Complex.
Criminal Overlords 2/7/97
Manuel Noriega is the group with the least Resistance that qualifies for Criminal Overlords.
Earth First
Hail Eris!
Hand of Madness, The
Kill For Peace!
Let Them Eat Cake!
Population Reduction 3/10/97
England is the least powerful Huge Place. However, you may wish to think twice about including it in a Population Reduction deck, because many will interpret it as a sign of Population Reduction.
Power For Its Own Sake
Power To The People
Up Against The Wall! 4/21/97
Up Against the Wall! is relatively unusal among Destroy X/Control Y Goals in that X and Y are not opposite alignments. This means that, for example, you can build a Government Violent deck (with NWO: Gun Control) and destroy your own groups to ensure that no one can take them away from you.
It is also easier to count on Government groups being in play for you to destroy than it is for most other alignments, and it is easier to destroy them without raising suspicion, because they are likely to be some of the groups that most obviously need to be destroyed.

New World Orders

A Thousand Points of Light
Antitrust Legislation 2/18/97
NWO: Antitrust Legislation makes it impossible for the Day Care Centers or the Dittoheads to be owned by a Corporate group.
Apathy 2/18/97
Common trick: get lots of people to chip into an attack, then play NWO: Apathy to all the action tokens that aided the offense. his can be particularly effective with the use of Church of Violentology to lure people into using lots of action tokens in an attack.
Australian Rules 5/4/97
To state the semi-obvious: The best type of deck (and the best type of situation) in which to use Australian Rules is one in which it's easy for you to attack others, but hard for them to attack you. A heavily-defended Discordian Society or Shangri-La deck can use Australian Rules to incite other players to attack each other while the well-defended player edges towards victory.
See also Spear of Longinus.
Bigger Business
Chicken In Every Pot
See also Gnomes of Zurich.
Don't Forget To Smash The State
End of the World
Energy Crisis
Fear and Loathing 3/29/97
NWO: Fear and Loathing can be an excellent NWO for a weenie monochromatic deck in which almost all groups share a single alignment, because it magnifies the bonuses for taking over groups from your hand.
The Orbital Mind Control Lasers are particularly potent when NWO: Fear and Loathing is in play.
See also Pollsters.
Global Warming
See also Loch Ness Monster.
See also Oil Spill.
Gun Control
See also Goal: Up Against the Wall.
Interesting Times
Law and Order
Magic Goes Away, The
Military-Industrial Complex 3/29/97
Military-Industrial Complex can be very useful for Discordia, since it extends Discordia's immunity to include Corporate Groups.
NWO: MIC also will eliminate any Monopoly or Metric System in play.
Rob the Radii points out that it increases the effectiveness of Anarchists Unite!.
It extends the powers of Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein, the Supreme Court, Congressional Wives, NASA, Libertarians, Lyndon LaRouche, Tobacco Companies, and others to work for Corporate groups as well as Government groups.
It does the same for the Plots Ketchup Is A Vegetable and Whistle Blowers.
It allows a Clipper Chip to boost the power of all your Corporate Groups, even for the purpose of Goals for the Gnomes of Zurich and for Goal: Corporate Masters.
Peace In Our Time
Political Correctness
Tax Reform 2/20/97
In a game with many players, NWO: Tax Reform and the I.R.S. will make you Target Number One. A good way to defuse this problem is this: make clear that if players help you, you'll give them the plots you tax back. Therefore, by helping you, they get an extra plot from their deck each turn. All of you profit.
Visualize Whirled Peas
World Hunger
See also Oil Spill.
World War Three
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