Have You Seen the Fnords?

Many or most INWO cards have a some sort of an 'Eye in the Pyramid' symbol. This may be a full-fledged eye in pyramid, a triangle with a dot, or simply a gratuitous triangle.

I like to call these eye-in-pyramid symbols 'Fnords', since the process of looking for them in pictures is akin to the process of looking for fnords in text. Others use the more prosaic acronym 'EitP'.

Sometimes I believe that all INWO cards have some sort of eye in pyramid, or can be understood to have one given enough ingenuity on the part of the viewer. This conjecture bears a certain resemblance to the Discordian Law of Fives, with the difference that this belief can be more easily explained to be a result of human intent.

So, as an effort to investigate this proposition (and because I was avoiding doing other work), I've started trying to list the fnords that I have found. If you know of one that's not listed on this page, please do let me know.

My own criterion for fnords is that if it doesn't have an eye, it should be a gratuitous triangle. I am mistrustful of triangles that occur 'naturally'.

Notes: Whenever referring to cards in the original set, I am referring to the art for the Unlimited Edition, unless otherwise noted. Also, whenever I refer to 'right' or 'left', I'm referring to the orientation of the person looking at the card, not the right or left of people who might be depicted in the card.


Adepts of Hermes
"The Adepts of Hermes' eye of Horus at the top of the pentagram is in a triangle that sits obviously in the forground of the other five points, with a closed bottom." [rmr]
Bavarian Illuminati
An unmistakeable Eye in Pyramid, the grand-daddy of them all.
Bermuda Triangle
Rachel McGregor Rawlings writes:
(You know, I was going to suggest something silly about the Bermuda Triangle, but I've seen the Fnord!). Turn the card 90-100 degrees clockwise, so that the point nearest the anchor is facing upward. A pale ring with a dark center is visible in the water rolling against the bow. You could even count the pale band 'above' it as an eyebrow.
It's indistinct, but I can convince myself that it's there. (?)
Discordian Society
Note that the three glints of light on the apple form a very even triangle. 6/26/97
Gnomes of Zurich
Network, The
There is a triangle with a solder point in it at approximately the location of Texas on the map. [ac]
Servants of Cthulhu
The center eye of the skull is at the center of the triangular background. [rmr]
The dark triangle on the sapphire has a bright spot that forms the eye. [rmr]
Society of Assassins
Dot in lower, triangular guard of dagger.
The triangular bacground is sufficiently gratuitous. [rmr]


On the ID badge of the doctor.
Al Amarja
Indistinct triangle formed by elbow and lapel. (?)
Al Gore
American Autoduel Association
On the side of the car. (With an eyebrow!)
Anti-Nuclear Activists
Look in the upper right corner, just above the top edge of the fence, just to the right of the top of the reactor. The fnord is in light purple, with a light orange eye.
Antiwar Activists
Tattoo on the man's arm.
Arms Dealers
I probably wouldn't count the flags--they're supposed to be triangular. But the yellow flag near Uncle Albert's ear hsa a slight discoloration in the center that makes me think it's a fnord.
Small blue triangle on the clothesline, just ot the right of the left hat.
On the beer can.
Bank of England
There are the triangles formed by the crossed cords--but I'm not sure whether that's accidental or deliberate.
Big Media
The triangle is formed by the legs of the pointing man in the brown sportscoat.
Bill Clinton
The best I see is the point of the handkerchief.
There are gratuitous triangles on his collar.
Black Activists
Triangle pendant on the necklace.
Boy Sprouts
Golden Pyramid at the top of the building.
Fnord on leftmost belt pouch. [rmr] (6/9/97)
The flap of the pocket on the blue vest (above the 'S' in strike) is very triangular.
Cable TV
There's no new fnord, but there are plenty in the recycled pictures.
On the stick in the drink.
The best I see is in the center of one of the trees at the right of the picture, but I'm unsure.
Cattle Mutilators
The cow's eye forms the eye of the fnord.
Center for Disease Control
The fnord is a pyramidal Pac-Man in the microbes at the upper right.
A yellow spot forms an eye on the upper point on the building.
Church of Elvis
Triangular bow on the woman's dress.
Church of Violentology
At the vertex on the cross.
Clone Arrangers
There is a V-shaped ripple to the left of the head with a bubble conveniently located at the center. This may be pushing it. (?)
"dark shadow between ribs, light around forming navel" [rmr] (6/9/97)
Comic Books
There is a black dot in the center of the A.
Congressional Wives
Brooch at the throat of the woman on the right.
Conspiracy Theorists
The upper right icon on the chart has a yellow circle in a red triangle.
Convenience Stores
The sign on the front features a yellow circle in a purple triangle. Fnord painted on side wall, beneath 'Assassins'.
Copy Shops
Triangle on the copy machine at the back right.
Count Dracula
Cycle Gangs
On the cycle, just to the left of the headlight.
Dan Quayle
On the potato. Yes, that is what forms the eye...
Day Care Centers
Corner of green cushion at lower left.
small triangle of woman's earring.
Fnords on the woman's dress.
Dinosaur Park
The 'Fnordy Mouse' symbols being worn by each of the people.
Drug Companies
The pink triangle on the green pill in the top center.
The cover of the book.
The triangular end of the connector.
The symbol on the owl's headphones.
Elders of Zion
The yellow triangle forms the eye of the triangle in the Star of David.
Triangular hinges on the trash can.
yellow triangle in trash can as well. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Empty Vee
triangular button on the TV.
Fnords in the decorations on the cup.
Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow
The fnord is formed by the folds of the lab coat of the scientist on the right, just below the badge.
Partial fnord in upper right corner. Clearer on card than in book. (6/9/97)
Fast Food Chains
Federal Reserve
The top of the building.
The center of the bra.
Fidel Castro
Fiendish Fluoridators
On the bottle.
On the computer screen.
Flat Earthers
Fnord Motor Company
On the hood ornament of the car. A larger fnord is formed by the combination of the hood ornament and the trapezoidal part of the grille.
The odd angle of the Eiffel Tower turns it into a pyramid, with the golden light as the eye.
Fraternal Orders
On the hat.
Fred Birch Society
The handkerchief of the left Bircher.
Gay Activists
Triangular earring of the lower activist.
General Disorder
The medal or whatever-it-is above the bar code.
George Bush
The dot of the i in 'Georgie'.
The dot in the VW logo turns it into a fnord.
Girlie Magazines
The straps form a triangle, with the woman's navel as the eye.
Goldfish Fanciers
Triangular earring.
Gordo Remora
There is a small fnord at the top of the arm in the couch.
Great Pyramid, The
Note the triangle near the bird in the hieroglyphics near the Sphinx's head. (?)
Green Party, The
On the mug.
Gun Lobby
The sight of the gun.
At the back of the computer.
Hillary Clinton
Triangular panel below the bow.
Tip of the W forms the eye of a dark triangle. (?) (6/9/97)
Fnord formed by cracks in the wall; circular mark forms the eye.
Illuminati University
Large fnord on blackboard.
Imelda Marcos
Woman's earring.
International Cocaine Smugglers
Cufflink of gun-holder.
International Communist Conspiracy
Fnord on person's back, near bottom of picture, midway between center and right edge. (I can see this in the INWO book, but not on the card itself.)
International Weather Organization
Fnord on stick on top of building at left.
Bullet-hole in triangular sign forms inverted fnord.
Exposed midriff forms inverted fnord, with navel as eye.
Sean McGuire believes that the triangular layout of the rising sun background forms the fnord, with the sun as the eye. I'm not so sure. (?)
Jimmy Hoffa
Fnord in leaves of right palm tree.
Triangle on wristband.
Junk Mail
Every stamp.
Note that one eye is at the exact center of the triangular headpiece. (?)
L-4 Society
End of the lunchbag.
Lama Ramadingdong
Triangle on the books and videotapes, and also a triangle on one of the bills.
Las Vegas
Triangle on the chip.
Skinny triangle formed by the two ropes across Liberty's crown. (?)
Liquor Companies
Several Triangles on bottles and cans.
Loan Sharks
Logo on shirt.
Local Police Departments
Air-freshener hanging from rear-view mirror.
Lyndon LaRouche
Top part of umbrella.
Madison Avenue
Pocket handkerchief.
Mafia, The
Points of collar.
Manuel Noriega
Symbol on hat.
Margaret Thatcher
Green triangle earring.
Media Sensation
Triangular 'flash' around camera.
Men In Black, The
Possibly the cuffs. (?) (Note: This and the right man's earring are only visible in the INWO Book, not in the ULE card.)
Logo on center man's helmet.
Possibilities: left-most building of city on the right, or left-most constellation. (The constellation is not clearly visible on the ULE card, but only in the INWO Book.)
Fnords in centers of flowers.
Moral Minority
Fnords in bowtie.
Multinational Oil Corporations
Triangular cascade of oil, with prominent large drop in center.
Fnord on headphones.
Large fnord on back wall (behind spotlights).
Leftmost point of collar.
Nancy Reagan
Triangle at left, among astrological signs.
Nephews of God
New York
Fnord on wall, and on hoodlum's back.
Newt Gingrich
White dot in center of tiny black triangle above tie to right of knot. (?)
Fnord in point of star.
Nuclear Power Companies
Nutrition Nazis
Food pyramid, and triangle on hat.
Also note the martini. [rbge]
Triangle on chest of shiek on right.
Offshore Banks
Triangle on building.
Ollie North
Fnord on sash.
"also note triangles replace O's in name tag" [rmr] (6/9/97)
Orbit One
Fnord on axis of satellite.
Pale People in Black
Discoloration on triangle of t-shirt forms eye of fnord.
Triangular earring, with bright spot for eye.
Semi-triangular innermost angle at left of pyramid. (?)
Phone Company
Fnord earring.
Phone Phreaks
Fnord on scalp, with port forming eye.
Left pollster's cuff. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Post Office
Fnord on shoulder.
Prince Charles
Fnord logo on shirt.
Princess Di
Fnord on camera at right.
Professional Sports
Fnord formed by triangle of shirt sleeve, with '0' as the eye.
Fnord on helmet. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Fnord formed by wire above picture, with nail-head as eye.
Punk Rockers
Fnord pendant of center rocker.
Pyramid Marketing Schemes
Recording Industry
Triangular pendant.
Recycling Centers
Fnord formed by recycling logo.
Red Cross
Reformed Church of Satan
Fnords formed by points of pentacle.
Religious Reich
Triangular ring.
triangular cufflink of left man.
Triangle in woman's bodice.
Robot Sea Monsters
Triangle around eye of squid.
Ronald Reagan
Triangle at top of chair.
The lack of rays in the bottom area forms a triangle... (?)
Ross Perot
Fnord on chart at upper right.
Possible narrow fnords at the base of second tower from left.
"The center tower sports a pyramid; alien to Russian architecture" [rmr] (6/9/97)
Fnord at top of propellor beanie on right.
Saddam Hussein
Fnord on collar.
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Fnord on edge of cereal box.
Savings and Loans
Fnord on lock.
Science Alarmists
Fnord on badge.
Science Fiction Fans
Fnord at breast of spacesuit.
Secret Service
Tie pin of agent on right forms eye of fnord.
Secular Humanists
Fnord at throat of humanist.
Semiconscious Liberation Army
Fnord at center of T-shirt logo, triangle on wristwatch.
Shock Jocks
Fnord on boxer shorts.
Silicon Valley
Fnord in contour graphics on right side.
Society for Creative Anarchism
Fnord on shoulder.
South American Nazis
Fnord on ring.
State Lotteries
Fnords in corners of sign.
Triangle formed by central trilithon, with sun shining through as the eye.
Triangle on end of swizzle stick.
Supreme Court
Obvious fnord at top of human pyramid.
Triangle on ammo pouch.
Fnord on sole of sneaker.
Triangle on handle of knife.
TV Preachers
Triangle tie pin.
discoloration on udder of two-headed cow makes it a fnord.
Teddy Kennedy
Pocket handkerchief.
Telephone Psychics
Triangle inside zodiac circle.
Triangle in door at top of stairs.
Ceiling light forms eye of fnord.
Thule Group, The
Fnord at left edge, just above lightning bolt.
Tobacco Companies
Triangular background of picture.
Trading Card Games
Fnord on collar.
inverted fnord on sash.
Triliberal Commission
Fnord on collar of liberal at left.
Underground Newspapers
United Nations
Tie pin of diplomat on left turns tie into fnord.
Urban Gangs
Triangle on T-shirt.
Vatican City
Fnord on miter.
Video Games
Triangular bridge of glasses. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Narrow Fnord at base of purple tower on left, same as for Russia.
Collar button on left forms eye of small fnord at top of tie, at left corner of chin. [rbge]
Triangular pendant.
Triangles on border of circle.
Wall Street
Arrestee's left cuff, with cufflink as eye (?) [rmr] (6/9/97)
The strands of hair form a triangle with the left eyebrow; a bead of sweat forms the eye. [he]


Angel's Feather
Shea Ryan's signature has more of a fnord than usual, I think... (?)
Ark of the Covenant
triangle on end of Ark.
Big Prawn, The
Pink triangle on one tourist.
Reflection of mountain in lake forms a fnord. (6/9/97)
Black Helicopters
Sun forms eye of triangle formed by helicopter blades and edge of card.
Fnord in mountains in lower right corner.
Book of Kells
Fnord in vertex of V.
Bronze Head, The
Center for Weird Studies
Fnord on facemask.
Clipper Chip
Fnord in upper right corner of sunglasses. (6/9/97)
Crystal Skull
Triangular reflection in upper-right forehead of skull.
Cyborg Soldiers
Fnord on wall.
Death Mask
triangle on chin.
Earthquake Projector
The projector itself. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Triiangular earring.
Flying Saucer
Frog God, The
Triangle on necklace of Frog God.
Hammer of Thor
Fnord formed by cracks at corner of hammer head.
Hidden City
Fnord at lintel of City.
Hitler's Brain
The initial A has a dot instead of a crossbar. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Holy Grail, The
There is a small triangle in the bottom right fold of the robe. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Immortality Serum
Eye in glint of light on triangular flask. (?)
Killer Satellite
Triangle in braid on book.
Lenin's Body
Fnord on necktie. Also one formed by collar and edge of glass.
Library at Alexandria, The
Loch Ness Monster
Fnord on bow of boat.
Fnord on helmet.
Midas Mill
Triangular recess on end of Mill.
Triangle on end of key.
Orbital Mind Control Lasers
Fnord on collar.
Orgone Grinder
Knob of one leg on tripod forms eye of triangle defined by other two legs.
Perpetual Motion Machine
Fnord (with faintly colored eye) at end of flag.
Power Satellite
Fnord at center of Satellite.
Principia Discordia
Rogue Boomer
Fnord hanging from medals.
Screaming Meme
If I stare hard, I think I see a faint triangle in the lower right corner, across the woman's arm. (?)
Shroud of Turin
Triangle in lower left corner. (Visible in INWO book, not on card)
Triangle on forehead of face just to the left of center.
Spear of Longinus
Circle near tip of spear forms eye of fnord. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Spy Satellite
Fnord on axle of Satellite.
Suicide Squad
Triangle on gun.
Warehouse 23
Fnord at peak of Warehouse.
Weather Satellite
Drop right between two rays coming from satellite.
X-Ray Specs
Fnord at right shoulder of skeleton.
Triangle on center building.


18 1/2 Minute Gap
Fnord on hub of tape.
A Brief Attack of Conscience
Fnords on collars.
Agent In Place
Pale discoloration on leftmost triangular flap makes it a fnord.
Air Magic
Fnord on pendant.
Albino Alligators
Green fnord at center bottom of picture.
Alien Abduction
Fnord at top of picture, above door. Triangle on hand of right alien.
Alternate Goals
Red fnord on document.
An Offer You Can't Refuse
Fnord on gun, just under barrel.
Anarchists Unite!
And STAY Dead!
White fnord among the flowers.
"Leftmost light forms eye in black triangle" (?) [rmr] (6/9/97)
Annual Convention
Fnords on hats.
Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Overdoing
"Look immediately to the right of the nose (which forms the left /)." [rbge] (?)
Are We Having Fun Yet?
Fnord in anarchy symbol on scalp.
Assertiveness Training
Fnord at muzzle of gun.
Atomic Monster
Fnord in black shadow on left building.
Auditor From Hell, The
Back to the Drawing Board
Fnord on control panel.
Back to the Salt Mines
Fnord on rock on cave floor.
Yellow fnord near center of lower right quadrant.
The clear space in the orange crud on the right side forms an eye in the triangle defined by the background pattern. (?) [he]
Fnord in record at upper left.
Bait and Switch
Triangle on can.
Bank Merger
Triangular eye of biggest fish.
Bar Codes
Fnord on car hubcap.
Beach Party
Fnord on beach blanket.
Benefit Concert
Fnord at bottom left of guitar. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Big Score, The
Red fnord in shirt cuff.
Big Sellout, The
Bimbo at Eleven
Triangle on glasses.
Bite the Wax Tadpole
Fnords on ads.
Fnord on rock on top of tank.
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat
Fnord on badge.
Botched Contact
Fnord on document.
Fnord on ring.
Brushfire War
Fnord in suspender of man in grey shirt.
Car Bomb
Shard in upper left corner forms fnord, with shadow of other fragment as the eye.
Cat Juggling
Fnords in bandolier of upright warrior.
Celebrity Spokesman
Chain Letter
Charismatic Leader
Citizenship Award
Fnords on certificates.
Cold Fusion
fnord on device at lower left.
Combined Disasters
Fnord of large triangular piece of shrapnel.
Fnord at extremelower left corner.
Computer Security
Fnord on right side of neck.
Computer Virus
Smiling Fnord at right.
Contract on America
Fnord in blotch at bottom of rips in page.
Fnord on box.
Fnord on shoulder insignia.
Cover of Darkness
Fnord on mug.
Crackdown on Crime
Fnord on warning label.
Crop Circles
Fnord sign behind 'Zombies for Jesus' sign.
Currency Speculation
Fnord on top coin.
Deasil Engine
Fnord at base of satellite-dish-like widget.
Death To All Fanatics
Fnord at base of knife-blade.
Deep Agent
Yellow fnord on helicopter, and fnord on flap of satchel.
Fnord on medals.
Dollars for Decency
Fnord at center of top bill.
Fnord g-string of bikini.
Don't Rock the Boat
Fnordfishes in upper right corner.
Don't Touch That Dial
Faint fnord pattern on robe.
Fnord on lid of suitcase.
Triangle on outhouse at right.
Early Warning
Narrow fnord of radar sweep line.
Earth Magic
inverted fnord, with moon as eye.
fnord on edge of pavement.
Eat The Rich!
Fnord among semicircles of platter edge.
Fnord at upper end of bill.
Emergency Powers
Fnord on man's helmet.
Enough is Enough
various triangles, but without eyes.
Triangle with cross on medicine bottle.
Every Year Is Worse
Fnords in perimeter of wheel.
Fnord in flames at lower right, next to cuff of priest.
fnord in man's doodle, and fnord on back of chair.
Faction Fight
Drop of sweat forms eye of triangle formed by arms.
Family Values
"Fnord dripping from left end of frankenfood." [rbge]
Fickle Finger of Fate
First Thing... Kill All The Lawyers
Five-Year Plan
Flesh-Eating Bacteria
Floating Point Error
triangles; smallest one might be a fnord.
Flower Power
Purple triangle on woman's hand.
Yellow letters trace out smiling fnord.
Triangles on vase.
Black emblem at left end of food.
Freaking The Mundanes
Triangular earring.
Full Moon
Fnord on collar.
Fundie Money
Fnord on cuff of jacket.
Gang War
triangle on cement galoshes.
George the Janitor
Giant Kudzu
Triangular kudzu with red eye.
Go Fish
Triangle around shark's eye.
Go, Lemmings, Go!
Triangle on cliff face. [rbge and others]
Good Polls
Triangle earrings. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Grassroots Support
Triangle at woman's collar.
Grave Robbers
Black fnord at extreme bottom edge of card picture, in front of grave. [rbge] Also note triangle in earth with black center at lower right.
Fnord on bottom of mouse at lower right.
Harmonica Virgins
Hat Trick
Spotlight from sky forming triangle, with hat at the center. (?)
Head In A Jar
triangle on screen at lower right.
Hidden Influence
Hit and Run
Hubble Trouble
Large fnord formed by lower left end of satellite.
Green fnord on sign at middle left.
I Lied
Fnord on stars on sign.
Fnord formed of blood at lower jaw of wrench, with hole in blood as eye.
Internet Worm, The
Fnord-shaped head of worm.
Irish Flu, The
Fnord on end of 'President' plaque.
Jake Day
Triangular confetti, and also two triangles in the crumpled wrapping. Gratuitous? Your call. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Fnord on wall at right.
Junk Bonds
Triangle on sign. The 'o' of 'Bonds' is where the eye of the fnord would be.
Just Say No
Fnord on lowest trading card.
Ketchup Is A Vegetable
Fnord on ketchup label, with tomato as eye.
Kinder and Gentler
Fnord on guard's shoulder.
Lab Explosion
Triangular exposion, with orange blotch as eye.
Let the Sunshine In
Let's Get Organized
Let's Get REALLY Organized
Small dot in triangle of chair upholstery forms eye.
Let's You and Him Fight
Liberal Agenda
Triangles at shirt collar.
Logic Bomb
Fnord of melted plastic on lower right.
March On Washington
Fnord on sign at right.
Market Manipulation
On left scale. Everyone should see this one.
Martial Law
Triangls on shoulders and helmets.
Triangular corner cut off of poster, with spot of blood as the eye.
Mass Murder
May Day
Triangle on truck body, between wheels.
Media Blitz
Semi-abstract fnords everywhere.
Media Connections
Fnord in base of green phone.
Meek Shall Inherit, The
Fnord of masonry at upper left.
Vaguely fnord-ish raidance from above. (?)
Meteor Strike
Pyramidal meteor, with dark blotch for eye.
Metric System
Fnord at half-way point on beaker.
Miracle Diet Plan
Pyramid of diet boxes, with red box forming eye.
Mistaken Identity
Fnord defined by triangle of mechanical arm, with victim's head at center.
Mob Influence
Fnord tie-pin.
Triangle at right of factory.
Mothers' March
Light eye in triangle in end of tie at lower right. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Murphy's Law
piece of dirt forms eye in triangle defined by lower pieces of banana peel.
Mutual Betrayal
Fnord on hilt of knife, near handle.
My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma
Fnord on prist's stole, near lower edge.
Tip of M forms eye in triangle formed by spray paint. [rmr] (6/9/97)
Near Miss
Inverted fnord on chest.
Never Surrender
Fnord insignia on man with gun.
Large triangle on background.
New Blood
Triangle on man's hand at lower left.
New Federal Budget
Fnord on top of truck.
Nice Idea. It's Mine Now.
Triangle on document in briefcase.
No Beer!
There's a stray drop of paint at one vertex of the N that could be the eye of a triangle defined by the two segments of the N. (?)
Nobel Peace Prize
Triangular earrings.
Nuclear Accident
Fnord in upper left portion of cracks.
Oil Spill
Triangle formed by sinking ship, with porthole as the eye.
Opportunity Knocks
Oregon Crud, The
Side of woodpile forms fnord.
Triangular ribbon on general.
Pave the Earth!
Triangular paver.
Fnords on strap buckles.
Pizza for the Secret Meeting
Inverted fnord of pizza slice.
Plague of Demons
Fnord on forehead of green demon at bottom.
Pledge Drive
Triangular handkerchief.
Triangle at bottom of poison label.
Power Corrupts
Power Grab
Fnord collar studs.
Bird forms eye of fnord defined by cables.
Privileged Attack
Pulitzer Prize
Trapezoidal area on typewriter implies triangle; circle forms the eye.
Fnord of shattered glass at right side. (This is clearly visible on the card, but not in the INWO book.)
Rain of Frogs
Triangles on cup.
Reach Out...
Read My Lips
Fnord-shaped glint on lens.
Red Scare
Right-wards decoration with star forms eye of triangle defined by edges of bunting.
Regi$tered Trademark
Obvious fnord, with (R) symbol as eye.
Fnords on bullet ends.
Triangle on pink pawn.
Resistance Is Useless!
Fnord of sight on gun.
Reverse Whammy
Fnord in collar. It's more visible on the left figure.
Fnord medal on poster.
Rewriting History
Picture on wall forms eye of triangle of light.
Fnord of shrapnel near top center.
Save the Whales
Fnords on points of sign at left rear. (INWO Book shows two, card shows only one.
Savings & Loan Scam
Inverted fnord at top of facade.
School Prayer
Second Bullet, The
Inverted fnord formed by diagonal line of shadow and line of victim's back, with first bullethole as the eye.
Secret Master
Fnord on floor.
Secrets Man Was Not Meant To Know
small blue dot in purple triangle at right side of picture forms fnord.
Security Leak
Triangle on helmet.
Seize The Time!
Uncertain fnord formed by cracks at right side of sundial. (?)
Fnord at base of trophy.
Senate Investigating Committee
Fnords on back of chairs.
Slush Fund
Triangle formed by boards, with knothole as the eye.
small eye-shaped mark (roughly below marksman's hand) forms eye of a point formed by two cracks.)
Sorry, Wrong Number
Triangles with eyes at perimeter of beast on right side.
Spasm of Violence
Fnord-shaped splash from breaking bottle.
Spontaneous Combustion
Fnord tag on shoulder of jacket at right of card.
Stars Are Right, The
Flame forms eye of triangular altar.
Bright star is at center of three other stars. (6/9/97)
Stealing The Plans
The glints of light beneath the grating seem to form a fnord in conjunction with the line of the hand. But I'm not sure. (?)
Stock Split
Fnord on ticker machine.
Straighten Up
Fuschia fnord on shoulder of punk. (This shows up better on the card than in the INWO book.)
Strange Bedfellows
Triangles on woman's collar.
Sucked Dry And Cast Aside!
Large fnord on ground, with clump of dirt as eye.
Sudden European Vacation
Light green fnord on hatband.
Sufficiently Advanced Technology
Fnord on back of left hand.
Fnords on hip pockets of center person.
Supreme Court Nomination
Fnord on left microphone dangling from above.
Sweeping Reforms
Fnord made of breaks in lines on building at right edge of card.
Sweepstakes Prize
Triangle stamp on "PRIZE NOTIFICATION" [rmr] (6/9/97)
Swiss Bank Account
Fnord on green bill at right side.
Fnord on bottom of box of fries.
Take the Money and Run
Triangles on lowest bill.
Talisman of Ahrimanes
Triangle at upper left of talisman.
Tax Breaks
White triangle sticking out of briefcase. (I thought it wasn't gratuitous, but the other papers are grey...) [rmr] (6/9/97)
Teflon Coating
Dot of debris forms eye in inverted triangle in upper left corner.
Terrorist Nuke
INWO Book has fnord in debris at right edge. Card does not, but has fnord on building in lower left corner.
This Was Only A Test
Clear fnord in upper left corner.
Tidal Wave
Triangle facing out to sea.
Time Warp
Fnord between pi and lemniscate.
Trailer forms eye in triangle of tornado.
Truck Bomb
Rear-view mirror forms eye in triangle of fenceposts.
Unlucky 13
Triangular shard of glass in lower right corner.
Triangles on shirt.
Fnord on shoulder of riot policeman.
Vile Secretions
inverted fnord in stalactite of goo just to the right of strand connecting wrist to card.
Hole in side forms eye for triangle of volcano.
Volunteer Aid
Triangle on man's hat.
Voodoo Economics
Fnord in bloodstain on lower right.
fnord on briefcase.
Waiting Period
Weak Link, The
Fnord in tattoo.
Weird Turn Pro, The
Fnords in lenses of glasses, with glints providing eyes.
Whispering Campaign
Whistle Blowers
Blue fnord on bulletin board.
Witch Hunt
Fnords at center of crosses.
Withering Curse
World Cup Victory
Possibly one between the three black spots on the soccer ball, but iffy. (?)
You Are What You Eat
Fnord hanging from woman's collar.


Blinded by Science
Fnord on wristband.
Corporate Masters, The
Triangle formed by steepled fingers.
Criminal Overlords
Triangles on White House windows.
Earth First
Fnord just front of vehicle door.
Flying yellow fnord in upper right corner.
Hail Eris!
Fnord on back of hand.
Hand of Madness, The
Possible fnord in cloud patterns above middle finger. (?)
Kill For Peace!
Fnord in bell-bottoms at lower right.
Let Them Eat Cake!
fnord-shaped piece of cake on fork.
Population Reduction
Fnord at top of skyscraper.
Power For Its Own Sake
Fnord on side of ring.
Power To The People
Fnord tattooed on arm at right.
Up Against The Wall!
Fnord between legs of standing shadow.


A Thousand Points of Light
Fnord tattoo.
Antitrust Legislation
Black fnord with orange eye near center of picture.
Possibilities: fnord formed by triangle at bottom of center man's jacket, or by triangle in woman's hair.
Australian Rules
Fnord on helmet of blue player, and on beer bottle at upper right.
Bigger Business
Fnord on sign.
Chicken In Every Pot
Triangle at gable of building (?)
Don't Forget To Smash The State
Fnords at base of statues.
End of the World
Fnord at exposed T-shirt at throat.
Energy Crisis
Fnord (with pale yellow eye) in center of gauge.
Fear and Loathing
Fnord in tattoo.
Global Warming
Fnord just above water at right edge.
Gun Control
fnord in blood at lower right.
Interesting Times
Triangular 'I heart INWO' pin on giant praying mantis.
Law and Order
Fnord on helmet and jacket.
Magic Goes Away, The
Large obvious fnord on background.
Military-Industrial Complex
Nord on medal at lower right, fnord-ish hat.
Peace In Our Time
Fnords on spider.
Political Correctness
Black fnord with green eye among leaves at upper right.
Tax Reform
Fnord in guillotine blade.
Visualize Whirled Peas
Fnord at throat of man in green.
Triangular steam vent at upper left. (?)
World Hunger
Fnord in cracked earth, to left of baby.
World War Three
Fnord in clouds at center top. Hard to see, but unambiguous once you see it.


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