Pittsburgh Squash Directions

Pittsburgh Athletic Association (PAA)
Rick Christenson, 621-2400(w), 766-5557(h)
4215 Fifth Avenue
The PAA is located on 5th Ave behind the Cathedral of Learning on the Pitt campus, near the Holiday Inn.
If you come by car, you turn right onto Lytton and then park in the PAA lot on your left.
The squash courts are on the 4th floor, locker rooms on the 3rd floor.
City Club
no home court
Rivers Club
1 Oxford Center, 4th floor
Take the parkway to the Grant Street exit.
Go down Grant Street
Turn left onto Forbes.
Turn the first left again and then right into the Kaufmann Garage.
The walkover from Kaufmann Garage to the Oxford Center is on the 3rd floor.
The Rivers Club is located on the 4th floor of the Oxford Center.
Oxford Club East/Monroeville
Take the Parkway (376 East) to the Monroeville/Rt 22 Business exit
Follow Rt 22 Business until you come to the Monroeville Mall.
Take the second entrance and turn left when you face the mall parking lot.
Take a left again before a big K-Mart store.
Take a right up the hill after you have passed K-Mart.
Turn left into a parking lot before the you get to the top of the hill.
Cut through the Oxford parking lot to the get the Racquet Club parking lot.
Jewish Community Center (JCC)
From CMU go up Forbes almost to the intersection with Murray.
The JCC will be on your right, just before the Gulf gas station.
Enter through the downstairs parking lot.
Courts and locker rooms are to the left of the check-in desk.
Chip Natarajan, 683-8071(w), 683-8071(h)
From CMU go Forbes and then 5th Ave towards downtown.
Turn right onto DeSoto Street, up towards Pitt Stadium.
Turn left and then right, keeping the stadium on your right.
Turn the first, very sharp left when you are almost above the stadium.
The gym on your left (Fitzgerald Field House) has the squash courts.
Meet someone at the front door at a specified time to take you past the security guard.
You enter Fitzgerald Field House on the right, the squash courts are at the left rear.
Shadyside Academy
From CMU go down Fifth Ave and then Washington Blvd.
Cross the Highland Park Bridge and get onto Rt 28 North.
Take the Fox Chapel exit and turn left onto Fox Chapel Rd.
Go for about 2.5 miles, straight through a light and another 1 mile.
Shadyside Academy will be on your left, adjacent to Fox Chapel Golf Club.
Turn left onto campus, follow the road to the top of the hill and down on the other side, following signs for the gymnasium.
Park in the small parking lot of the far side of the building.
The very first door is the entrance to the squash courts.
Duquesne Club
325 6th Ave, 391-1500
Duilio Costa, 261-1550 (h), 798-0489 (w)
Take the Parkway East to the Grant Street exit.
Go down Grant Street.
Turn left onto 6th Avenue.
Turn right onto Liberty.
Turn right into the parking garage at 9th Street.
Park on the 6th floor of the garage and exit into the Duquesne Club.
If you park elsewhere, enter on 6th Avenue through the Forbes Health Center next to the Duquesne Club entrance and take the elevator to the 4th floor.
Oxford Club North
If you are coming up 279 north to 79 north get off at the Warrendale exit (the exit after Wexford).
Make a right turn follow about 2 miles until route 19 intersection
(gas station on one corner and a 7-11 on another).
Make a right and go south on 19 for about 3 - 4 miles.
The Club will be on the left.
The Northway church is on the right directly across the road from the Oxford entrance.
You cannot see the club from the road but there is sign.
Carnegie Mellon University
Frank Pfenning, fp@cs
If you are coming from Oakland on Forbes Ave, pass the Carnegie Museum
Go straight through 3 lights and then turn right, at the large University Center Building.
Make an immediate left and find a meter in the parking garage adjacent to the stadium.
Squash courts are in the University Center.
We use the upstairs court for league play.

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