15-869 Project

Revision 3, 1 Nov. 1999

The goal of the project is to give you practice at doing research and development in the topic of the course, image-based modeling and rendering.

  1. do literature search on related previous work,
  2. implement and test,
  3. give a presentation in class, and
  4. write up a description of your work, 8-12 pages in length, and create a web page that summarizes your approach and showcases your results.  The paper should in the form of a conference paper, like the ones we have covered in class.  Be sure to compare your results to previous work and include references to at least three related papers.

The "implement and test" of phase (2) above could be application of existing algorithms to a new problem; a variation on an existing algorithm; or design, implementation, and testing of a new algorithm.


Project Topic Ideas

The following are some possible project topics. The list is not exclusive! You can also modify an idea listed here, or propose something totally new. We've listed references that I know of, but the list is incomplete, so you should plan on doing your own literature search via web, journals, conference proceedings, and books.


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Lance Williams, 3D Paint, Proceedings of the Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics Computer Graphics 24(2), 1990
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15-869, Image-Based Modeling and Rendering
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