Toastmaster Speechs


I've posted most of the speeches and notes for my Competent Communicator and Advanced Communicator Bronze speeches. I was interested in practicing both well-prepared and less-prepared speaking, so sometimes I'd prepare a complete script, and sometimes just a few notes. If there's a script, I'd usually follow it between 50-90%.


Competent Communicator Speeches

1. The ice breaker: My life in two acts

2. Organize your speech: A little drink

3. Get to the point : The meaning of life

4. How to say it: Colorado dreaming

5. Your body speaks: Lani and Teddi

6. Vocal variety: Spoken poetry

7. Research your topic: Pioneers of the mind

8. Get comfortable with visual aids: A decade in the dojo

9. Persuade with power: Boatin' USA

10. Inspire your audience: Learning to laugh

Advanced Communicator Speeches
Storytelling manual:

1. The folk tale: The fisherman and the genie

2. Let's get personal: Moving pains

3. The moral of the story: A long winter

4. The touching story: A new life

5. Bringing history to life: Mr. Kinitski

Technical Presentations manual:

1. The technical briefing: How computers play chess

2. The proposal: Giving

3. The nontechincal audience: How computers answer questions

4. Presenting a technical paper: Intelligent lighting in rain

5. Enhancing a technical talk with the internet: Websites that matter