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Dimensionality reduction

In this section, we analyze the stationary probabilities in the RFB and GFB processes via DR. The stationary probabilities can be used to derive other performance measures such as the mean response time, as discussed in Section 3.8. In Section 3.5.1, we start by analyzing a simple FB process whose background and foreground processes are homogeneous birth-and-death processes. In Section 3.5.2, we analyze the FB process, which constitutes the primary part of the analysis of the RFB and GFB processes. In Section 3.5.3, we analyze the RFB process by applying the analysis of the FB process recursively. In Section 3.5.4, we analyze the GFB process using the analysis in Section 3.5.2.


Takayuki Osogami 2005-07-19