This award is presented annually by the School of Computer Science. Allen Newell had a long and rich scientific career that contributed to multiple subdisciplines in computer science. Still, each individual endeavor was pursued with a characteristic style that his colleagues, students, and friends recognized as essential to Allen. Because of the breadth of scope of Allen's contributions, this award recognizes undergraduate research in his scientific style rather than computer science research in a particular area. The criteria by which a research project is judged is predicated, foremost, on the belief that a good idea is not enough.
Aditi Gupta 2022
Ergometric Multilinear Futures
Research Summary
Ramgopal Venkateswaran 2021
Two Problems in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory: Quantum Approximate Counting wiht Non-adaptive Grover Iterations, and The Quantum Union Bound Made Easy
Research Summary
Zachary A. Sussman 2020
Outlier-Robust Linear and ReLU Regression
Research Summary
Chenhui Yuan 2019
BLT: Exact Bayesian Inference with Distribution Transformers
Research Summary
Eric Zhu 2018
Neural Generation of Structured and Coherent Music
Research Summary
Rachel M. Holladay 2017
Following Paths in Task Space: Distance Metrics and Planning Algorithms
Research Summary
Benjamin J. Plaut 2016
Algorithms for Social Good: Kidney Exchange
Research Summary
Annika Lee Louise Peterson 2015
Formal Verification of a Controlled Flight Between Two Robots: A Case Study
Research Summary
Laxman J. Dhulipala 2014
Compressing Natural Graphs and a Practical Work-Efficient Parallel Connectivity Algorithm
Research Summary
Adrian Trejo Nuñez 2013
Classification and Automaticity of Discrete Dynamical Systems
Research Summary
Hui Han Chin 2012
Applications of Spectral Algorithms
Research Summary
Alan G. Pierce 2011
Decision Problems on Iterated Length-Preserving Transducers
Research Summary
Bradford M. Neuman 2010
Learning-based Change Detection for Mobile Robots
Research Summary
Jeremiah M. Blocki 2009
Direct Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Research Summary
Henry D. DeYoung 2008
An Authorization Logic with Explicit Time
Research Summary | SCS Undergraduate Thesis
Alexander Grubb 2007
Autonomous Discovery of Landmark Objects
Research Summary
Kanat Tangwongsan2006
Active Data Structures and Applications to Dynamic and Kinetic Algorithms
Research Summary
Jared Go 2005
Real-time Texture-Space Radiosity
Research Summary
Warren A. Hunt 2004
A Fast Counting Data Compressing Algorithm
Research Summary
Samir Sapra 2003
Logic Minimzation using SAT Checkers
Research Summary
John White Heffner2002
High Bandwidth TCP Queuing
Daniel Maynes-Aminzade 2001
Techniques for Interactive Audience Participation
Mark Ronald Plesko 2000
Towards Verification of a Proof-Carrying Code Architecture in a Linear Logical Framework
Patrick Francis Riley 1999
Multi-Agent Environment
Kevin William Hamlen 1998
Proof-Carrying Code for x86 Architectures
Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit 1997
Network-Award Distributed Computing
Kevin Rathbun Walker 1996
User-Level TCP in a Flow Controlled ATM LAN
Daniel R. Richards 1995
Image Analysis for Automated Genotyping
C. Lawrence Zitnick 1995
Projective Stereo Vision
Sean J. Hallgren 1994
Linear Congruential Generators Over Elliptic Curves
Karl F. Crary 1993
Typing of a Practical Programming Language with Higher Kinds and Higher-Order Modules
Erik W. Selberg 1993
Stopping a Cheater: Secret Sharing with Dishonest Participation