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I was a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in Computer Science. I graduated in May, 2001. I was then a post-doc with Ken Koedinger in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute. I now am a professor at Computer Science Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My research goal involves using artificial intelligence and cognitive science to design software for helping students learn more effectively.

I am organizing The Learning Open.

Bio-sketch (2001): Who is Neil?

Job Market

I was on the job market but have now accepted a tenure-track position in the Computer Science Department of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. (Started Summer of 2002)
  • My CV/resume from 2001- updated version available by request
  • My Research Statement and my Teaching Statement
  • Grants and Research Publications
  • My Ph. D. advisers were  Ken Koedinger and John Anderson. My other committee members were Jaime Carbonell, Kurt VanLehn and Herbert Simon (deceased).

    CARNEGIE Learning is my former advisor's spin off company that markets some of research that has come out of the Pittsburgh Advanced Cognitive Tutors Center. Recently, Carnegie Learning Licensed Ms Lindquist.

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