15-887*: Planning, Execution, and Learning
Homework Assignments
Fall 2016

Policy on Collaboration

It is OK, and you are encouraged, to discuss the homework problems with others. The readings and the class notes should provide the best resource for solving the homework problems. You must write up your own homework solutions. If you find that it is needed, you may write the names of anyone you discussed the problems with on your submission. Reading papers not on the reading list and searching the web for related topics may sometimes help you gain a better understanding of the ideas involved. If some reference helps you directly with a problem, please explain this in your solutions.

Late Policy: You will be allowed up to 10 late days, in total, to hand in the homeworks without penalty. You can apportion those days how you like, except that no single homework can be more than 3 days late. After using up your allotment, penalties will be assessed at 10% per extra day. Homeworks are considered on time if handed in (or emailed) by the end of class on the due date. Any time after that counts as a full day. So, for instance, if the homework is due on Wednesday, handing it in by 2:50pm is considered on time, handing it in any time up until 2:50pm on Thursday is considered one day late, after that it is at least two days late, etc.