Statistical Learning in High Dimensions December 1999

Breckenridge, Colorado 

List of Speakers
Yoshua Bengio
Universite de Montreal
" Learningthe Joint Distribution of High-Dimensional Data with Neural Networks" joint work with Sammy Bengio
John Fisher Jr.
"Pose estimation from high-resolution SAR images" joint work with Alan Willsky
David Haussler
University of California, Santa Cruz
"Analysis of microarray gene expression data using SVM"
Piotr Indyk
Stanford University
"Tutorial: Nearest neighbor and proximity problems in high dimensions" 
Marina Meila &
Andrew Moore
"Fast algorithms for learning tree distributions in high dimensional domains"
Sayan Mukherjee
"An Application of the Multivariate Kolmogorov-Smirnov Statistic"
Thomas Hoffmann
Brown University
Dimension Reduction Techniques for Qualitative and Count Data"
Bo Thiesson
"Accelerating EM for large high-dimensional databases" joint work with David Heckerman and Christopher Meek
Alessandro Verri
M.I.T. and Universita' di Genova
" SVM classification in high dimensional spaces for bioinformatics and computer vision applications"

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