Mary McGlohon

CV, more succinct Résumé

Update: I am now living the dream as a Software Engineer at Google in Pittsburgh. I work on Google Shopping.

I completed my thesis in the Machine Learning Department at CMU's School of Computer Science. My advisors were Christos Faloutsos and Alan Montgomery. My thesis research was on finding patterns of network formation, evolution, and diffusion in real networks and applying these patterns to anomaly detection and consumer product reviews.

While at CMU I also engaged in various stunts, such as participating in fake protests and fake conferences.

I graduated from the University of Tulsa with Bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. I worked on AI research in Sandip Sen's lab, and also did research in applied math with Christian Constanda.

Research Interests

My field-related interests include the following:

Research and Publications


Conference Papers

In reverse chronological order:

Other Publications


Feel free to re-use parts of these presentations. My policies for re-using them are 1) please credit me, and 2) don't change my fonts to Comic Sans.



Teaching Activities

I was TA for two courses while at CMU:

I also served as an undergraduate TA at University of Tulsa for several lower-level math classes:

Graduate Coursework

In reverse chronological order. * indicates core MLD PhD curriculum.


I have performed a number of service- and otherwise-related roles for SCS. They include:

I have also enjoyed some stunts that were tangentially-related to my research.

G20 Protest

I was part of the Machine Learning Protesters, who appeared during the G20 People's March, in September 2009. That is me in the blue data mining helmet. For the complete set of photos see this Flicker Set.


I have been on the SIGBOVIK PC since 2007. It is a "fake" conference, in that it contains research that is meant to be humorous or whimsical rather than technically rigorous. But it is not fake in that it does take submissions (via EasyChair), is peer-reviewed (albeit with a high acceptance rate), and has real presentations and proceedings. Here are my contributions to this conference.

Other fun facts