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Spring 2018

Course Grades

Your course grade will be calculated based on the following:

Quizzes (8 @ 1.5%): 12%
Assignments (7 @ 7%): 49%
Midterm: 14%
Final Exam: 25%

Grades from all assignments and exams may be reviewed for up to two weeks after they are returned/posted. After this period, the grade is considered final and cannot be changed. I reserve the right to review an entire assignment/exam if an individual part is submitted for review.

Generally, you will receive a final class score in the range of 0-100 (hopefully, not 0 and probably not 100 that is determined by computing the weighted average of all your grades using the percentages above. In general, the final class score (rounded to the nearest integer) will translate into a letter grade based on the following ranges:

90-100 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C 60-69 = D 0-59 = R

Attendance and participation in class, although not formally counted as part of your grade, can impact your final grade if you end up on the borderline between two grades.