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Web Interface

The web interface presents the remote user with an approximation of the tourguide experience, using both server-side and java technologies. Server-push (or client-pull, if the browser cannot support server-push) provides a stream of images from both Minerva's cameras, and an active-tracking camera mounted on a museum fixture. This bird's eye camera tracks Minerva based on pose estimates provided by Minerva's localization module.

One java applet provides a dynamic map of Minerva's current position, also using pose estimates provided by the localization module. The java applet contains the entire map, but only displays the relevant portion of the image. Finally, the second java applet displays the current contents of Minerva's LCD screen, which contains static images of the exhibits on the current tour, and also a transcript of Minerva's description of the exhibits.

The web server, and in fact all but one active process, use Linux.

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