Mathematical / Computational Foundations for Machine Learning

10-606/607, Fall 2018
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University

Important Notes

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please check back often.

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10-606 Schedule

Date Lecture Readings Announcements


Mon, 27-Aug Lecture 1 : Course Overview

Wed, 29-Aug Lecture 2 : Sets

Fri, 31-Aug (No Recitation)

Mon, 3-Sep No Class: Labor Day

Wed, 5-Sep Lecture 3 : Data Types; Functions

Fri, 7-Sep (No Recitation)

Linear Algebra

Mon, 10-Sep Lecture 4 : Vector spaces; Inner-product spaces; Matrices

Wed, 12-Sep Lecture 5 : Matrices and linear operators; Matrix Memories

HW1 out

Fri, 14-Sep Recitation: HW1 (Abhilasha)

Mon, 17-Sep Lecture 6 : Application: Matrix Memories in High Dimensions; Linear Independence; Rank; Invertability

Wed, 19-Sep Lecture 7 : Spans; Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors; Linear Eqs; Factorizations

Fri, 21-Sep (No Recitation)

HW1 due

Matrix Calculus

Mon, 24-Sep Lecture 8 : Scalar Derivatives; Partial Derivatives; Vector Derivatives

HW2 out (Tue)

Wed, 26-Sep Lecture 9 : Application: Vector Derivatives for Least Squares

Fri, 28-Sep Recitation: HW2 (Abhinav)

Mon, 1-Oct Lecture 10 : Matrix Derivatives; Method of Lagrange Multipliers

HW2 due (Tue)


Wed, 3-Oct [Quiz 1] (Lecture cancelled)

HW3 out (Thu)

Fri, 5-Oct Lecture 11 : Probability over Events (Watch Geoff Gordon's video lecture)
[Slides] [Video]

Mon, 8-Oct Recitation: HW3 (Abhilasha)

Wed, 10-Oct Lecture 12 : [Quiz 2] Discrete Random Variables; Mean & Variance; Continuous Random Variables; Probability: Factorization (In-person guest lecture by Abhinav)

HW4 out (Thu)

HW3 due

Fri, 12-Oct Recitation: HW4 (Abhinav)

Mon, 15-Oct Lecture 13 : Discrete & Continuous Distributions; Multivariate Distributions; Sampling; Application: Ordinal Regression

HW4 due

Wed, 17-Oct Final Exam 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Posner Hall A35)

Fri, 19-Oct (No Recitation: Mini-I Complete)

10-607 Schedule

Date Lecture Readings Announcements

Logic & Proofs

Mon, 22-Oct Lecture 1 : Course Overview; Logic

Wed, 24-Oct Lecture 2 : Proof Techniques

Fri, 26-Oct (No Class: CMU Presidential Inauguration)

Mon, 29-Oct Lecture 3 : Proof Techniques; Perceptron Algorithm

HW-A out

Wed, 31-Oct Lecture 4 : Application: Perceptron Mistake Bound

Fri, 2-Nov Recitation: HW-A (Abhilasha)


Mon, 5-Nov Lecture 5 : Computational Complexity

Wed, 7-Nov Lecture 6 : Asymtotic Analysis Proofs

HW-B out

HW-A due

Fri, 9-Nov (No Recitation)

Mon, 12-Nov Lecture 7 : Recursion; Proofs by Induction

Wed, 14-Nov Lecture 8 : Proofs of Computational Complexity; Proofs of Program Correctness; Dynamic Programming

Fri, 16-Nov Recitation: HW-B (Abhinav)

Mon, 19-Nov Lecture 9 : Data Structures for ML Algorithms

HW-B due (Tue)

Wed, 21-Nov No Class: Thanksgiving Break

Fri, 23-Nov No Class: Thanksgiving Break

Mon, 26-Nov Lecture 10 : [Quiz A] Application: Factor Graphs

HW-C out

Wed, 28-Nov Lecture 11 : Application: Variable Elimination; Profiling ML Algorithms

Fri, 30-Nov Recitation: HW-C / HW-D (Abhilasha / Abhinav)


Mon, 3-Dec Lecture 12 : Unconstrained Optimization

HW-D out

HW-C due

Wed, 5-Dec Lecture 13 : [Quiz B] (Guest Lecture) Constrained Optimization

Fri, 7-Dec (No Recitation)

HW-D due

Thu, 13-Dec Final Exam 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (Wean 7500)