Introduction to Machine Learning

10-601BD, Fall 2018
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University


There will be 9 homework assignments during the semester in addition to the exams. The assignments will consist of both theoretical and programming problems. Homework assignments will be released via a Piazza announcement explaining where to find the handout, starter code, LaTeX template, etc.

  • Homework 1: Background Material (written / programming)
  • Homework 2: Decision Trees (written / programming)
  • Homework 3: KNN, Perceptron, Linear Regression (written)
  • Homework 4: Logistic Regression (written / programming)
  • Homework 5: Neural Networks (written / programming)
  • Homework 6: Generative Models (written)
  • Homework 7: Hidden Markov Models (written / programming)
  • Homework 8: Reinforcement Learning (written / programming)
  • Homework 9: SVMs, K-Means, PCA, Boosting (written)
Tentative release dates and due dates are listed on the Schedule page.