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1-18-15 bug?

Has anyone conducted a fairly large size election using 1-18-15?
PROBLEM - Jeff Co Ky upgraded from 1-17-17 to 1-18-15 hoping to correct modem and audio problems. General 2002 election upgraded to 1-18-15. It is taking approx. 45 sec for a ballot image to be displayed. A small election - 1 race - displayed in about 3 sec.
    I had them send me the database. Loaded on my laptop in 1-17-15. Ballot image up in 2 sec., upgraded to 1-17-22 with same results. Upgraded to 1-18-15 image in 45 sec.. They have 277 ballot styles in this election. Need an answer by 9:00 am monday when they will start to modify master. The db was without audio. db with audio had the same results. It would appear this is a software bug. I will submit to Bugzilla if no one has an answer.
Thanks: Don B
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