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FW: Instant Runnoff voting

What is status of GEMS op scan IR voting and the status of touch screen.  We did dummy up something for Santa Clara.  This is another of those "coming soon" items, that will need to be part of GEMS and incorporated into touch screen and optical scan.
Dave Elliot is SOS office certification person for state of Washington.  Would anyone in support repond TO ME please, NOT to Dave directly, regarding our status with IR voting.  I will respond to Dave.
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Subject: Instant Runnoff voting

Hi all,


It is legislative session time and we are again working with members of our citizenry on the topic of Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).  I often end up testifying against these proposals on the grounds that the vendors and their software are not ready to deal with this type of voting. 


I would prefer to take bureaucracy out of the equation and let policy dictate.


Does anyone knows of any vendor or product (on the market or certified) that can count IRV ballots.  Last year I found one company that is working with Cambridge MA called Voting Solutions.  With the effort in San Francisco, there must be some activity on this.  Any and all information is appreciated, even if the answer is no or I don't know.


To the Vendors; Can your products support this, today and if in the future, when?


I also need costs and estimated costs for converting your existing equipment to handle IRV, ranked voting and proportional voting.






David M. Elliott, Assistant Director of Elections

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