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RE: Municipal elections

Thanks to all who offered input about the municipal elections pricing.  Steve has directed not to vary from our standard pricing if possible.


In response to some of your comments:


Norma – the contract rate is $5.50 per pollworker trained in Maryland.  We have to establish a minimum, or we will be training 2 at a time.  Steve suggests the standard $1,000 per day plus expenses.  We will encourage the municipalities to combine training where possible, if they with to economize.


Don – thanks for your thoughts.  Yes, the L&A price is probably too low.  Again, Steve directs us to the $1,000 per day.  Your thoughts about timing and locations are good food for thought.


Tari – some municipalities in Maryland run shorter election days – 9-5 (so wonderful!).  We were setting an hourly rate to accommodate.


Irene – you’re right – we aren’t giving ourselves enough time.  Don elaborated well on the subject.


Thanks again!