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Re: R6 units freezing - how many elections on a unit?

    As for the number of elections they should leave in the backup, there is not real limit. When the system needs more space it will automatically delete elections from the backup. Think of it like the Windows Recycle Bin.

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Sent: Thursday, January 09, 2003 3:50 PM
Subject: R6 units freezing - how many elections on a unit?

this is from a customer -  I like the Geek squad mention -  anyone got any ideas -  they will send the TS units in -  but the question is why and what? 
During this past election we had 5 TS units
(R6), which repeatedly froze during the process of voting.  All connections were checked and there wasn't any indication of power fluctuations.  Each
unit was connected to an UPS (not in series).   Rebooting corrected the problem, but it did reoccur frequently. Do you have any advice? Is this an hardware problem or a software problem?
I was also trying to get a feel for how many elections we should leave in
the backup directories on the TS.  I know that it depends on the election
and the number of times the unit was used.  Does the Geek Squad have any