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Re: Municipal elections

Sue: Just some thoughts here. It would appear the pricing is based on a full blown election. This is often not the case with municipal elections. While it does occur, most that I have been involved in are usually without a gems server. The tape totals are used and the results called in. In these elections the county or stste provides the AVOS or TS unit and the jurisdiction having the election provides their own memory cards or PCMCIA cards.
    Time frame - The one month minimum would be nice, and we usually have a month from the end of candidate filing to the election. This is often not under the control of the jurisdiction, and would require legislative changes. The real problem is the time between the close of candidate filing and the time they are required to initiate absentee/early voting or provide mail ballots. Mail ballots have often been sent out prior to L&A despite all the warnings we give them against doing it.
    Ballot proofing - Even for a TS only election I think I would send a hard copy of the ballot. I usually require them to sign EACH ballot style. I usually place the following message in the header area, "Ballot content and layout OK" with a line for their signature. Often when I had them sign only the form for ballot proofing there was an issue if mistakes were found later in the proofing, that a particular style was not sent etc..
    L&A: I think we would take a whuppin' at $25.00 per unit. This sounds like a fair price for the L&A only of a precinct unit (L&A for an absentee or mail in unit will be a great deal more work). The programming of the media card is usually a part of the election programming bill. I would feel that the programming of the Spyrus unitd should be treated the same. The issue of packing up their precinct packages can be very labor intensive depending on the requirements of the customer and may be something we would want to bill seperately.
    Test at warehouse - If the warehouse is not in the same area as the gems server (if used), how will test results be uploaded? Modem in or remove the cards and do a direct upload?
    Hope this helps somewhat.
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Attached is the draft of a pricing structure for municipal elections in Maryland.  Does anyone have any recommendations/cautions?



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