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Cobb Co. Ga.

Beth Kish in Cobb Co. has related that in the recent election and after the upgrade to 1-17-15 they had several problems with modem upload and memory card failure. She feels that the memory card failure at election startup and modem is related to the recent purchase of 128K cards. They feel the problems did not occur with the 32K cards. Since the upgrade occured at the same time it is hard to say, but the failure did not occur with the 32K cards.
    No exact number, but several memory cards failed - Format memory card - when units were turned on election morning. Several cards would not upload even by direct mode - same message - required manual entry - not very happy at that.
    Modem of results - 60 of 180 units would not transmit - kept redialing. Beth stated that all went well for 55 minutes after the polls closed and at that time it was like a total shutdown. They were not able to modem any more units. Has anyone else experienced the same problems in the recent elections?
    Also, they wish to be able to reset more than one vote center at a time without resetting the entire election. Is there a way to un que a vote center without going out of the download screen and back in? These issues matter to Ga. apparently because modem results are not officially acceptable and direct upload of all units must be done for certification of the election.
Thanks: Don
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