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 Well folks, for me the BIG has raised its ugly head again. Are others in support getting questioned about this? I have talked a little to Ken about it and the issue had died down a bit. Three users who have upgrade to 1-17 series are fairly POed and ask if this was some sort of joke. I am not exactly sure as to why or when we lost the ability to calculate size after it was added as feature that was badly needed in previous versions. This seems an even more important tool with the addition of audio files. Customers are not taking the just keep trying till you quess at what will fit very well. It appears that as long as the size is under 128K you are able to calculate the size but the problem occurs of course when the files are too BIG. Customers want a numerical answer here so they can at least estimate what will fit on a memory card or PCMCIA card. The problem is mostly related to setting up the absenttee vote centers in larger accounts. If there is an answer here let me know. Whatever was available before seemed to work fine, any chance of getting that function back.
Thanks: Don
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