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Converting audio files into MP3 format under Windows XP

In order to record audio files in MP3 format inside GEMS, a MPEG Layer-3 Codec is required.  The default one comes with Media Player 7.1 is 'Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec'.  In Windows 2000, the codec is able to encode and decode MP3 format wave files.  Unfortunately Media Player 8 that comes with Windows XP installs a limited version of the codec to the machine.  The codec can only decode (playback) MP3 files, so MP3 audio recording in GEMS would fail.
To record audio files in MP3 format, you need one that can do both encoding and decoding.  You can download Lame ACM MP3 Codec and install on your system.  Once the zip file is opened, right-click on 'lameACM.inf' and choose Install.  Ignore the warning regarding Windows Logo, and follow the instructions to install.  You can then verify your system by choosing 'Sound and Audio Devices" in Control Panel, click the 'Hardware' tab, open up 'Audio Codecs'.  Click the Properties tab and see if 'Lame ACM MP3 Codec' is installed.
Now you should be able to record and save audio file in MP3 format in GEMS.