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RE: AVTS Rejecting Voter Access Card

Have they tried to wipe off the chip on the voter access card to see if this helps.
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Subject: AVTS Rejecting Voter Access Card

I am in Johnson County Kansas.  Early Voting In Person has been going on since July 24 for next Tuesday's Aug 6 election.  I have been getting reports from the early voting sites of units that will reject the voter access card, reinsert, reject, reinsert, reject, reinsert several times before it will bring up the ballot.  We have 3 sites, 20 machines in each site, each machine has had roughly 100 votes cast. 
My question is if anyone has had any experience with the card reader being slow to recognize a valid card?  If so, what are the prescriptive measures?
Do the card readers need to have some preventative maintenance such as blown out with canned air or something?
Lesley Thompson