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AVTS Early Voting Election Total Report Printing at Close of Election

Johnson County Kansas/Aug 6 Primary Election
BS 4.1.11
WinCE 2.1.2
GEMS 1.17.22
Prior to the start of Early Voting, JoCoKs printed Zero Reports on the 120 AVTS units deployed to the early voting sites.  Each report took up nearly an entire roll of paper and quite a bit of time in printing.  Now we are anticipating the close of Early Voting and are looking to see if there are any other options available to us in this process.
A question has come up as to the possibility of uploading early voting election card votes without first printing the mandatory election results report at election close. 
If this is not possible, is it possible to send the election results report to a file and save on the election card to be printed through a laptop on a laser printer after all results have been uploaded?
Time is of the essence.  Thanks for any insight or advice.
Lesley Thompson