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RE: AVTS Error Message-unnamed file access denied



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Saturday, July 27, 2002 1:58 PM
Subject: Re: AVTS Error Message-unnamed file access denied


Lesley, your posting this information is helpful and appreciated.  However, without a lot more details, it is unlikely for most of your recent posts that anyone will be able to provide you with answers to why these problems would occur, or to formulate a solution.  Saying that a problem happened “during testing” does not tell us enough to give you answers.


Does "during the automatic L&A testing of the PCMCIA election media cards" give enough detail for "during testing?



Only if that is enough information to reproduce the problem, which for all but the most trivial problems will probably not be the case.  In other words, if all databases on all machines popped up the error message in question when you try to run an auto L&A, then sure that would be enough.  We’d take a toy database, run an L&A, see the problem, and fix it.


More likely though it isn’t going to work out that way.  There is something special about the database, machine, or release that caused the problem.  Maybe it happens only with databases with write-ins.  Or maybe a straight party race.  Does it happen right at the beginning of auto L&A, or after 9999 ballots.  Does it only happen at the end of the test?  If it happens only sometimes, how often does it happen?  Does it happen with some machines more than others?  Does it happen with some databases more than others?  Does it happen with older releases?  How about newer?