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Re: AVTS Error Message-unnamed file access denied

Ken, thanks for the advice.  I'll try to get more info, but I need a little more clarification.  Lesley
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2002 3:45 PM
Subject: RE: AVTS Error Message-unnamed file access denied

Lesley, your posting this information is helpful and appreciated.  However, without a lot more details, it is unlikely for most of your recent posts that anyone will be able to provide you with answers to why these problems would occur, or to formulate a solution.  Saying that a problem happened “during testing” does not tell us enough to give you answers.


Does "during the automatic L&A testing of the PCMCIA election media cards" give enough detail for "during testing"  ?


The error message in this example appears clear enough:  The storage card was removed before the ballot station had had a chance to finish writing whatever it needed to write to the card.  But you don’t say here what context you were in, so we can’t even guess what it was trying to write.  It doesn’t even say that the card was removed, for certain.


I'll get m ore details on this.


For each of these problems, the key is to find a way to reproduce the problem.  Ideally you want to be able to consistently reproduce the problems with a cookbook of steps.  Sometimes that is not possible, in which case try to supply as many steps as possible, and some statistics.  “If I do A, B, C ten times, then X happens at least once.”  Work directly with Ravina if you need help. 


I understand.





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Saturday, July 27, 2002 5:56 AM
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Subject: AVTS Error Message-unnamed file access denied


Johnson County Kansas

Primary Election

August 6, 2002

Testing Election Day PCMCIA Cards

July 26, 2002


BS: 4.1.11

WinCE: 2.1.2

Unit: 100115


During testing of the election day PCMCIA election cards, one of the units got the following message:


The following error has been detected:

Exception in BallotStation

Access to an unnamed file was denied




Then below that was the following popup box:



  Storage Card Warning                                                         OK    X      


  The system has not finished updating the files in the Storage Card folder.

  Please reinsert the storage card now.


  WARNING: Failure to do so may result in lost data on the storage card.



Why would this error message occur? 



Lesley Thompson