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RE: Central Count Scanner

Steve is talking about something different, Jason.  

Everyone, if you are posting questions about the printed product
division's high speed central count software, please try to make that
clear.  My understanding is that we are calling it the AccuVote-HS
Central Count.  We'll see if the name catches on.

As to the question itself and others like it, this would be best
answered by Robert Chen.


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For Central Count, you shouldn't HAVE to run a separate computer to
connect to the GEMS Central Count server, BUT you may run a separate one
if you wish.

Central count has two possibilities for connecting.  One is through PPP
using the Digi PortServer.  The second is through a RAS connection.  For
a RAS connection, any computer with an available COM port and connected
to the network can be used.  This includes the computer running the GEMS
Central Count Server.

As far as I am aware however, current released versions of Central Count
however are not able to connect through RAS on a Windows 2000
environment but should connect in a Windows NT environment.

Jason Wong

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Subject: Central Count Scanner

Do we need to configure a seperate NT/2000 CPU/Server (please specify)
run central count (scanner option) in addition to the GEMS CPU or can we
the scanners on GEMS Server?