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RE: Central Count Scanner

For Central Count, you shouldn't HAVE to run a separate computer to
connect to the GEMS Central Count server, BUT you may run a separate one
if you wish.

Central count has two possibilities for connecting.  One is through PPP
using the Digi PortServer.  The second is through a RAS connection.  For
a RAS connection, any computer with an available COM port and connected
to the network can be used.  This includes the computer running the GEMS
Central Count Server.

As far as I am aware however, current released versions of Central Count
however are not able to connect through RAS on a Windows 2000
environment but should connect in a Windows NT environment.

Jason Wong

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Do we need to configure a seperate NT/2000 CPU/Server (please specify)
run central count (scanner option) in addition to the GEMS CPU or can we
the scanners on GEMS Server?