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RE: Party Endorsements - Univ Primary

In a word, no, if I follow you correctly. 


I think I am reading something between the lines here that I don’t entirely follow though.  Is it undesirable to put the party affiliation beside the candidate on all ballots, independent of the UPR, and if so why?  Lots of jurisdictions just put the party affiliation with the candidates as a matter of course.  Put the affiliation on all ballots:  problem solved.





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Florida has a new rule/law that states that a universal primary race (UPR) must have party endorsements next to the candidates’ names. For uniformity of ballots, any other race appearing on a ballot that has a UPR must also have party endorsements next to the candidates’ names.


A UPR is a partisan race with qualified candidates from only one party. Since the other party does not have candidates the race will be decided in the primary election, not the general election, so it must be placed on ballots as if it were a nonpartisan race to allow all voters to vote on it.


Ballot styles without the UPR do not require the party endorsements on the races. However, if a race appears on a ballot style with a UPR, but also appears on styles without a UPR, the endorsements carry over. This has the effect of forcing all races to have the party endorsements next to the candidates’ names across all ballot styles. Is there a way around this?


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