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RE: Permanent Absentee Voters

If you just use one of the “regular base precincts” for their ballots, their votes are going to be attributed to whatever report precinct that base precinct came from.  I don’t know the details of your counties, but that doesn’t sound like something that’ll work.  The total for that report precinct will be “wrong”.


I am pretty sure this has come up before (Jefferson Co KY???), so I am hoping someone can jump in with some existing standard operating procedure.  Bottom line though is that GEMS needs the votes to be counting into something, and we call that something a report precinct by any other name.





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I have several counties that have voters assigned to a “Permanent Absentee” voting status. These voters need to show up in the county-wide voter registration total, but not show up for any specific Polling Precinct. They have the same district assignments as one of the regular Base Precincts, so ballot styles for these people is not a problem. Their ballots are processed via the regular absentee voting machine.


Is there a way to enter the voter registration numbers for these people into the database without having them listed as their own Report Precinct?


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