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Please note that the rather major bug Bug 1194 in BS 4.3.8 release, although the bug may not be related to the freezing behavior.



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I have not witnessed this problem personally.  I have heard a few reports from Georgia on freezing screens but no one has mentioned that the button could be seen to be depressed.  The Georgia occurrences are one of the items being investigated this week.


I'm sending this to the Support List where it would have gotten a quicker response as I have been out of the office.  Perhaps some of the "Support" subscribers can answer your question about further occurrences of this problem.  In the future, you may want to submit these questions directly to the Support List.  There are many experienced staff members that can help you.




Ian S. Piper

Diebold Election Systems, Inc.


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Ian, I recently had the opportunity to perform acceptance testing for 181 AVTS units using WinCE 3.0 and BS 4.3.8 for Los Angeles County. We had 10 defective units, 8 of those had the same problem, they would freeze during operation. It would not matter if they were in Supervisor functions or in Test Count. I now have several other machines that I have performed extensive tests on, that also freeze at times. When you touch the screen, the button indents (is depressed or selected) but nothing happens. Sometimes you can come back 30 or 40 seconds later and the button will react to a new touch and pop back out. It will then at times operate normally, other times, we must turn the AVTS off and then power back up. I shipped one of the machines that hung up at times to Sophia Lee and she has duplicated this trouble. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I do not think this is a software issue, rather a hardware issue with the TouchScreen...  I have gone back and recalibrated the units but when I was doing a demonstration for some LA County personnel, they observed the machine hanging up.

Any ideas?

 Steve Hodges, Project Manager

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