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AVTS Advance Voting Zero Proof Tape Printing

Situation:  For their Aug6 Primary Election, JoCoKs will have 3 advance voting locations with a total of 120 AVTS units deployed for early voting in person.  In a test run it was discovered that to print the zero report from the advance voting PCMCIA election card before the polls open on the first day of voting will require at the minimum 40 minutes for each report and almost a roll of paper.  (Primary election has three parties, two of which have the precinct committee people.)  Also, on election day, the final report from each AVTS advanced voting unit is typically printed centrally, and we are looking at the same requirements. 
Do other counties/states that have advance voting in person print a zero report prior to polls opening? 
Does anyone print to file?  If one were to print to file, what are the settings to do so?
Any really creative ways to speed up this printing process or alternate methods of proving the zero data?
Thanks.  Lesley