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Note about Upgrading Windows CE

I've recently become aware of an issue when upgrading between different WindowsCE versions.  Please see the details below.
Upgrading from WinCE 2.1.2 (the original version first released) to WinCE 3.0 (any edition.)
When upgrading from WinCE 2.1.2 to WinCE 3.0, the settings are lost for the ELO touch panel calibration, the timezone, the daylight savings flag, and the unit Machine ID.  After upgrading between major WinCE levels, you must re-enter these settings. 
Upgrading from WinCE 3.0 (June 7th edition) to WinCE 3.0 (July 5th edition.)
When upgrading from the June 7th edition of WinCE 3.0 to the July 5th edition of WinCE 3.0 (we're ignoring the July 2nd and July 4th editions), the settings should remain in the internal Flash memory.  The only thing that is required is to set the time and date correctly. 
  • Set the timezone and daylight savings flags.  Enter the "Set Date" function. 
  • After setting these values, press the "Apply" button.  (The time may automatically change to something different.)
  • Now set the time and date, if necessary.
  • After setting the time and date, press the Apply button.  (The time should remain the same as you had set it.)
  • Press either the small OK button or the "X" button on the Set Date window.
  • Press the Large OK button at the bottom of the System Setup Screen.  This is extremely important as this action actually saves the settings you have just made to the persistent internal Flash memory on the system.  (An hourglass icon should appear in the center of the screen and rotate to indicate it is busy saving the settings to Flash.)
  • A bug in the Jun 7th edition of WinCE 3.0 didn't allow the factory to set the date and time.  Units were still shipped with the understanding that the Jul 5th edition would correct the problem and that a field upgrade would be done before use.  The ELO Touch Panel calibrations and serial number machine ID were not affected by this bug.
    Upgrading from WinCE 3.0 (July 5th edition) to WinCE 3.0 (any future edition.)
    When upgrading from the Jul 5th edition of WinCE 3.0 to an edition of WinCE 3.0 that may become available in the future, the settings should remain in the internal Flash memory.
    Ian S. Piper
    Diebold Election Systems, Inc.