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Use of Spyrus for Early voting with one ballot and 12 precincts

GEMS-1-18-11       BS-4-3-9


I have a special election in Windsor, Ontario September 9 with 12 polls, (precincts) and one race.  City will use both AVOS and AVTS for the Advance Poll (Early Voting).  I have set GEMS to ballot sequence and cumulative results only to produce a single ballot.  I would like to use the Spyrus. 


The problem is the Ballot Station “Create Voter Cards” screen lists all 12 polls as choices instead of one just one, the advance poll.  The requirement is cumulative results only. 


The situation requires one choice, “Advance Poll Ballot” to be programmed into the Spyrus. 


I have many of our existing customers planning to use the AVTS for their Advance Poll and will be watching the Windsor election with interest.


Thank you,


Greg Forsythe

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