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bugzilla down, we are working on it

We suffered a rather catastrophic failure of the Bugzilla database today.  Yes, things were going so well.  We are working on recovery, but this will take some time, and will probably be ugly.  During this process, you can continue adding new bugs to bugzilla.  These bugs will have a number of 1300 or greater.  New bug submissions will be addressed, as will all bugs that have been submitted.  All historic information in Bugzilla however, including recent history, is lost for the time being.  In short, the status of all bugs in the system will be incorrect, and there will be a large number of missing bugs.  We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause everyone, and are working hard to get the historic data back.  If you have a question regarding the status of a specific bug, post to support and we’ll try to get your question answered the old-fashioned way.