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Re: GEMS 1.17.17 Base Precincts with Cards Report

Hi Mark,
Database is attached. Note the password is Diebold capital D, not my doing. BTW, can I change the admin password for one database only by going into the Setup Users menu in that particular database?
Yes, you can change the password from the Setup Users menu.  Just close and re-open GEMS with the new password.

The failure I see (I guess it is a failure) is that for any Report Precinct with more than one Base Precinct; if the base precincts share a ballot style, the style is only listed for the first Base Precinct. I understand the report should show every ballot style for every base precinct. The way it works now, it appears that the second BP does not have a particular style.
Please download GEMS-Reports-1-17-22.zip for the fix.  The password is "bccrbinmpfndt".

Also, I do not know whether I got the report file bundle with 1.17.17. How can I check this?

FYI, the first line in the "\Program Files\GEMS\Reports.ini" file always contains the version number of the Reports package.  If the report package is bundled with the GEMSIS package, the reports version is the same as the GEMS version.  If not, it has probably overwritten by an other version for report package downloaded from our FTP site.